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An American Knight (A Tank Destroyer Story) Paperback
by Commander US Navy Retired Victor "Tory" Failmezger (Author) , US Army Retired LTC Tim Stoy (Foreword)

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This book is the story of a young Lieutenant, Thomas Peter Welch, in the 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion during World War II. The story of the 601st TD BN is told in Tommy's more than 150 letters from the front and the unpublished memoirs and diaries of the men who were there. The book follows the Battalion from stateside training to North Africa, the withdrawal at the Kasserine Pass, and on to victory over Rommel at El Guetter. The Battalion was part of the invasion of Italy at Salerno and crossed the Volturno on the road to Cassino. Landing at Anzio, they became trapped on the beachhead for four months until the breakout and the liberation of Rome. They were first ashore for the "Forgotten D-Day" in Southern France and were there for the resultant battles against winter and the SS in the Vosges Mountains, and smashing the Colmar Pocket. At the end, they crossed the Siegfried Line and raced across Germany to Hitler's Eagle Nest. "An American Knight" contains period maps and hundreds of illustrations, many from private collections and never before published. It is 480 pages, with hundreds of footnotes, 12 appendices and a twenty-plus page bibliography. Signed copies of this special unabridged author's edition are available from the author.

The 3rd Infantry Division developed an outstanding reputation for aggressiveness and combat effectiveness in World War II.  In its 10 campaigns in North Africa, the Mediterranean Theater, and in Europe the Rock of the Marne spent 531 days in combat, incurred 25,977 casualties, had 41 Medal of Honor recipients (the most of any division in WWII), and was decorated with the highest unit awards by the United States (the Presidential Unit Citation) and by France (the Croix-de-Guerre).

Combat units of World War II were comprised of men.  It is the men of the 3rd Infantry Division and its attached units who earned that outstanding reputation, with their blood, their sweat, and their courage through innumerable fights in all conditions of weather and terrain.  The most famous of those men are the division’s Medal of Honor recipients – their stories were told in the press and have been kept alive in books which are still sold today.  However, countless other brave men fought in this war, many died with their heroism unseen and thus unremarked, others received lesser awards for heroism which fellow soldiers would know to respect but which do not carry the caché the Medal of Honor does, while all who survived the war worked hard to establish a sense of normalcy after the trauma they experienced.  Their stories also deserve to be told. 

Tory Failmezger does this with his book on his uncle, 1 LT Peter “Tommy” Welch.  Reading the chapters on his combat service Tommy Welch fit right in in this aggressive combat division.  He was the kind of soldier that 3rd Infantry Division Commander Major General John Wilson “Iron Mike” O’Daniel wanted, the kind who would take the fight to the enemy, who would accept risk in order to bring the war to an end more quickly.  It was kill or be killed, and Tommy Welch was good at it and lucky.  Tory has brought his uncle back to life, using his war time letters he paints a clear picture of a confident, maybe even cocky, young American fighting man. 

Tory also takes us back in time, with his extensive use of period materials, to provide us a better understanding of the Army of WWII, and the America of those times.  Almost 70 years have passed since the war ended, very few of the Greatest Generation are still among us, and few younger Americans have had the privilege of knowing a WWII veteran.  The America of the 1940s doesn’t exist anymore, and it is difficult to put ourselves into the shoes of the men and women who rose to the occasion to defeat Nazism in Europe and preserved American freedom while aiding the Nations of Europe to regain their liberty. 

Tommy’s post-war years show a restless man who appears to have been unable to come to closure with the sudden end to his part in the war.  He seems to have been a man who found himself while mastering the challenges and the risks of combat.  After the intense combat he experienced it is clear little in a peaceful world, in a tidy civilian existence, could provide him the adrenaline rush he needed and only experienced in combat.  In today’s America it is probable many young men returning to civilian life after time in Iraq and/or Afghanistan face the same challenge. 

Tory is extremely fortunate to have spent time with Tommy – what college kid would not love an uncle who would show him the ropes in the necessary, if not always openly discussed, social skills of young men?  And we are extremely fortunate that Tory has chosen to share his deep affection for his uncle with us through this lovingly written and well-researched book.  I highly recommend this book to our members as it accurately pictures what life was like in the tank destroyers in WWII.    


A Cause Greater than Self:
The Journey of Captain Michael J. Daly,
World War II Medal of Honor Recipient

(Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series)

by Stephen J. Ochs (Sep 1, 2012)

My book on Captain Michael J. Daly of A Company, 15th Infantry Regiment, who received the Medal of Honor for his actions on April 18, 1945, in Nuremberg will be released on September 1. It is published by Texas A&M University Press and is entitled A Cause Greater Than Self: The Journey of Michael J. Daly, WWII Medal of Honor Recipient. It is available at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com As you know, I had the privilege of interviewing Mike Daly many times. He and I became good friends and we spoke three or four times a week over the course of a six year period. He was one of the best men I have ever known. In eleven months of combat from Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944, to April 19, 1945 in Nuremberg where he was severely wounded, Mike's gallantry resulted in two Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star with "V" for valor, three Silver Stars, the Medal of Honor and went from private to captain and company commander. And all before reaching the age of twenty-one! A Company became known as "Daly Company" in his honor. I hope that you enjoy the book and that I do justice to Mike's memory. Thank you for all of your help on this project.
P.S. My Facebook site has a lot of information about Mike and the book, including many photographs. You can view it at Steve Ochs   https://www.facebook.com/#!/steve.ochs.14

Making John a Soldier:
A Nebraskan Goes to War [Paperback]

John Malloy Sr (Author)
The author, born in Nebraska in 1923 after struggling through the depression years of the Desperate Thirties volunteered for military service in 1942. I subsequently fought in the Ardennes, Rhineland, and Central Europe campaigns and earned the Combat Infantry Badge and was honored with the Bronze Star with the V for Valor emblem.

Book Description
Publication Date: November 13, 2011
"Making John a Soldier A Nebraskan Goes to War" describes the life and trials of some of the 16,000,000 Americans who fought freedom's battle in World War II- the group Tom Brocaw dubbed " The Greatest Generation."

The book describes how World War II engulfed the author's life from his enlistment in 1942 until his discharge three years later. It includes highlights of life changing experiences the author encountered as an infantry rookie training in California's desert in 1943 to the role he later played helping crush Hitler's minions.

The book is more than a history of one person or one infantry division. Rather it describes key battle actions of Army units in both the Pacific and European theaters, as well as pivotal Marine and Naval engagements in the Pacific. It examines the titanic Russian and German struggles from Germany's invasion of Russia in June 1941 to the Soviet's final conquest of Berlin in 1945. Thirty maps depict settings where crucial battles were fought in both the European and Pacific theaters.

The book often focuses on the individual warrior who fought alone against a determined and brutal enemy. The book delineates strategy dictated by the most senior command, guiding battle action of friend and foe alike. "Making John A Soldier" provides a view of the uncelebrated sacrifices and bravery of the ordinary American GI during World War II. It recounts the heroic exploits of a special group-seven Nebraskans awarded the Medal of Honor.

The exploits of the 3d Infantry Division are well documented in this book . These include its part in the Torch invasion in North Africa in November 1942,the invasion of Sicily, and the battle at the Anzio Beachhead. There follows a review of the invasion of Southern France, followed by the bloody fight in Colmar driving the last Germans back across the Rhine River.

The book, however, is more than a history of one person or one infantry division. It describes key battle actions in both the Pacific and European theaters. It also examines selected Russian and German battles from Germany’s invasion of Russia in June 1941 to the Soviet’s conquest of Berlin in 1945. Thirty maps depict settings where crucial battles were fought in both Europe and the Pacific.

Many of the 3d infantry Division Veterans and their children and grandchildren will enjoy learning more about the exploits of the 3d Division in World War II while also learning how this division's brave warriors overcame a determined and ruthless enemy.

For more information go to: www.makingjohnasoldier.com

A Letter Marked Free:
A Powerful and Gripping Account of a Combat Soldier in WWII
Robert Lynch (Author)
A Letter Marked Free is the true story of a young combat soldier on the battlefield in World War II as told through his letters home to his family. The letters powerfully portray life on the front lines and the vivid accounts reveal the intense hardships endured for the cause of freedom.

Bob Lynch was nineteen and living in Rye, NY, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. He enlisted in the U.S. Army and served in the 3rd Infantry Division as a combat rifleman, light machine-gunner, and mortarman. Bob was wounded and missing in action (MIA) behind enemy lines for over 10 days. He received the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Combat Infantryman Badge, along with many other honors. He participated in first-wave amphibious assault landings on Anzio, Italy, and St. Tropez, France, and accumulated an incredible 350 days in frontline combat.

Bob was awarded the French Legion of Honor in January 2007 in recognition and gratitude for his role in the liberation of France. He received France's highest decoration "for outstanding valor and service during WWII." Previously, he had been awarded the French Croix de Guerre with Palm twice and coveted fourragere.

Outpost Kelly: A Tanker's Story [Paperback]

Jack R. Siewert (Author), Paul M Edwards (Foreword)

Price: $19.95
In Stock.
Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. Gift-wrap available.

Book Description

October 28, 2006
In the second year of the Korean War, Jack Siewert commanded a platoon of five M-46 tanks. Temporarily assigned to provide fire support for an infantry battalion on the front, he eventually found himself in the midst of intense fighting for a relatively unknown and unimportant hill, code named Outpost Kelly.
Those four days of battle against Chinese forces form the heart of this memoir, which is unique in its focus on the hill fighting that dominated two thirds of the Korean War. Trained to take advantage of his tanks’ mobility, his orders—to provide direct fire support for advancing infantry—along with the mountainous terrain and the torrential monsoon rains that created shin-deep fields of impenetrable mud, forced him to abandon doctrine and improvise.
At the height of the fighting, Siewert was able to bring to bear the guns from only one of his five tanks against the enemy. Nevertheless, his platoon played a key role in allowing members of the 15th Infantry to retake Outpost Kelly, and he offers an excellent analysis of how theory and experience come together in a point-of-the-spear military situation.
Siewert's platoon played a key role in allowing members of the 15th Infantry to retake Outpost Kelly, and he offers an excellent analysis of how theory and experience come together in a point-of-the-spear military situation. Outpost Kelly also paints a fascinating picture of the type of fighting, often overlooked, that characterized the second and third years of the Korean War. With truce talks proceeding in Panmunjom, both sides fought to claim incremental pieces of real estate along the demarcation line between North and South.
In the grand scheme of the war, the battle for Outpost Kelly might not ahce meant much. But for 3rd Infantry Division, and the men, like Jack Siewert, who fought there, it was the entire focal point of the war during the last four days of July, 1952.

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My Life- My War- World War 2 [Hardcover]


Amazon Price New from Kindle Edition $7.69   -- -- Hardcover $46.99
Paperback http://www.amazon.com/My-Life-War-World-War/dp/1452017085

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The book that I wrote of my War Years in World War 2 has now been published by “Author House Publishing” . The story begins very briefly with my last two years of Agawam High School in Massachusetts just to give you some in-site on how “World War 2”---the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and the war already going with Adolph Hitler’s armies fighting in France and Poland and about to attack the shores of England and already bombing regularly, the cities of England including London itself. Not knowing if our school lives would be interrupted by these wars--whether to sign up for higher education as previously planned at Colleges and Business Schools.---in fact, do we even have a future to look forward to------think about it-------so do we----Just kids-----actually - do we have a future? Already, one of our school students joined the Merchant Marines---His Dad followed suit and they were assigned to the same cargo ship-----it was torpedoed and sunk just off the New Jersey shore-----both Father and Son, our fellow student, ceased to have a future to look forward to.

My book is now available in both Hard Cover and Soft Cover. You can go on the Internet and type in “Authorhouse”----then my name as------ Stanley B. Loomis, Sr. or the title of my book---- My Life-My War-World War 2 ------- and my book will come up on the screen. It has 643 pages and besides the photo on the cover, there are 14 more photos within my book. The book consists of 54 Chapters--------the 54th Chapter is of my return to France in 1999 with my wife, Ruthie and two of our daughters, Cheryl and Patricia. My book is also available at “Barns and Noble” and “Amazon” and others.


My Comrades and Me
Staff Sergeant Al Brown's WWII Memoirs
by Al Brown

Author Al Brown, like a few million others, was a civilian one day and a serviceman the next. In My Comrades and Me: Staff Sergeant Al Brown’s WWII Memoirs, he gives you a glimpse into his life as a soldier and his personal experiences during the Second World War. Brown,
Xlibris (380 pp.)
$29.99; $19.99 paperback
$9.99 e-book
January 25, 2011
ISBN: 978-1456853969
Paper: 978-1456853952
e-book: 978-1456853976



The American Military Experience Series

Dogface Soldier
The Life of General
Lucian K. Truscott, Jr.

Wilson A. Heefner

 ISBN 978-0-8262-1882-7
400 pages
6 1/8 x 9 1/4 
15 illustrations, 23 maps bibliography, index, 2010

$34.95t cloth

 Buy The Book

"On July 11, 1943, General Lucian Truscott received the Army’s second-highest decoration, the Distinguished Service Cross, for valor in action in Sicily. During his career he also received the Army Distinguished Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Navy Distinguished Service Medal, the Legion of Merit, and the Purple Heart. Truscott was one of the most significant of all U.S. Army generals in World War II, pioneering new combat training methods, including the famous “Truscott Trot," and excelling as a combat commander, who turned the 3d Infantry Division into one of the finest divisions in the U.S. Army. He was instrumental in winning many of the most important battles of the war, participating in the invasions of North Africa, Sicily, Anzio, and southern France. Both peers and 'dogfaces,' i.e., common soldiers, respected Truscott, and General Eisenhower ranked him second only to George S. Patton Jr. as a field army commander.

"Yet no definitive history of his life has been compiled. Wilson Heefner corrects that with the first authoritative biography of this distinguished American military leader. Heefner has undertaken impressive research in primary sources—as well as interviews with family members and former associates—to shed new light on this overlooked hero. He presents Truscott as a soldier who was shaped by his upbringing, civilian and military education, family life, friendships, and evolving experiences as a commander both in and out of combat.

"Heefner’s brisk narrative explores Truscott’s thirty–year Army career and defines his roles in key operations. It also examines Truscott’s postwar service as military governor of Bavaria, particularly his role in improving living conditions for Jewish displaced persons, removing Nazis from civil government, and assisting in the trials of German war criminals. And it offers the first comprehensive examination of his subsequent career in the Central Intelligence Agency, where he served as senior CIA representative in West Germany during the early days of the Cold War, and later as CIA Director Allen Dulles’s deputy director for coordination in Washington.

"Dogface Soldier is a portrait of a man who earned a reputation for being honest, forthright, fearless, and aggressive, both as a military officer and in his personal life—a man who, at the dedication ceremony for the Anzio–Nettuno American cemetery in 1945, turned away from the crowd and faced the thousands of crosses stretching before him to address those buried there. Heefner has written a definitive biography of a great soldier and patriot."

About the Author
Wilson A. Heefner, a retired physician, lives in Stockton, California. He retired from the U.S. Army in the grade of colonel after forty-one years of service as an enlisted man, infantry officer, and medical officer in the Regular Army, Army National Guard, and U.S. Army Reserve. He is the author of Twentieth Century Warrior: The Life and Service of Major General Edwin D. Patrick and Patton's Bulldog: The Life and Service of General Walton H. Walker.


This book available at this time only in Germany
Click here for amazon.com International

Bad Wildungen in der Nachkriegszeit: Eine Bilddokumentation (Taschenbuch)
Thomas Seibel (Author)

(Bad Wildungen in the postwar period: An image documentation (Paperback))

* Paperback: 96 pages
* Publisher: Geiger-Verlag: 1 Edition (December 14, 2009)
* Language: German
* ISBN-10: 3865953492
* ISBN-13: 978-3865953490
the book is obtainable (€ 18,90 plus shipping) from the publishers:

Geigerdruck GmbH
Industriestraße 45
D-72160 Horb am Neckar
E-Mail: info@geigerverlag.de

This book includes many photos of 3rd Div soldiers.

A Kid from Pittsburgh by Marion Rosen
With Morris Rosen

I first conceived the idea for a biography about my husband’s early years from age 13 to20 while touring Europe in 1994 for the 50th anniversary of D-Day. For this journey, World War II veterans from the U.S. Army’s Third Division traveled over the same paths they’d covered 50 years earlier in 1944 while struggling to take back territory seized by Hitler.
By witnessing the incredible obstacles our troops had to overcome first-hand, I instinctively understood that these men had gone through much more than the history books have reported. My husband, Morris Rosen, usually chose to talk about only a few incidents that were, at times, hilariously funny, but I wanted to delve deeper. I talked to the veterans and chronicled their stories. I especially wanted to know more about the almost-unbelievable events that still caused my husband and the rest of the men to grow teary-eyed so many years later.
As I learned the unadulterated story of the war from a private’s perspective, I also came to understand the heartbreak of a mere boy who’d run away from a wretched home life to go off to war at 17.
War is never an easy topic to grasp, but A KID FROM PITTSBURGH is sensitive yet out-spoken. Rowdy, yet gentle. Brutal circumstances are made comprehensible. War is interpreted by a kid who grew up without even realizing it.


“Marion Rosen’s biography on husband, WWII hero Morris Rosen in her A KID FROM PITTSBURGH is a story that no Hollywood screenwriter could create. This is a must read for everyone.”
Roger Corman, Award winning filmmaker

“While Audie Murphy is perhaps the most renowned WWII hero it would be hard not to include Morris Rosen as someone high up on this list. Corporal Rosen was an amazing young man who performed miracles during WWII in putting his life on the line in the most dangerous situations imaginable.”
Edward Janke, Retired U.S. Army Colonel

"THE KID FROM PITTSBURGH is a book I just couldn’t put down. Marion Rosen’s biography on her husband is a slam dunk."
Bob Cousy, Hall of Fame basketball legend

Howitzers, Grasshoppers, and the Holy Right Hand (Paperback)
by John Niesel (Author)

When he enlisted in the United States Army Artillery six months prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, Harold Brown couldn't possibly have known what fate had in store for him. Traveling from the high plains of Colorado to the battlefields of Europe, Harold experienced the war as many American GI's did, enduring its trials and horrors, hoping for the day when he could finally come home. Unlike most GI's in World War II however, Harold would have the opportunity to touch history, and in doing so, he would play a part in the recovery of the most important national symbols of Hungary: the Holy Right Hand and the Crown of St. Stephen. Illustrated with over 160 relevant photographs, and printed in an easy-to-read format, Harold's recounting of his service covers many of the major battles in the ETO. Harold was awarded the Air Medal and the Bronze Star for his service, and it is an honor to share his story with you.

  • Paperback: 452 pages
  • Publisher: Framing History (October 2, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0615256333
  • ISBN-13: 978-0615256337
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1 inches
  • List Price: $27.49 Click here to order from amazon.com

    Takedown: The 3rd Infantry Division's Twenty-One Day Assault on Baghdad (Hardcover)
    by Jim Lacey (Author)

    This is easily the most interesting account of the invasion of Iraq yet written and it covers not only the American perspective on the fighting, but also the Iraqi's viewpoint (based on interviews with Iraqi generals). Virtually every other history I have read has totally overlooks the contribution the 3rd Infantry Division made to the fight and until now they were in danger of being the forgotten piece of the war. This is a bit surprising since the 3rd ID did most of the fighting on the march up - far surpassing the amount of contact the Marines faced (though their performance was also spectacular).
    No matter what you may think of the right or wrong of our involvement in Iraq or what has happened since the invasion, there is no doubt that the actual assault from Kuwait to Baghdad was brilliantly executed and deserves to be recorded as one of the greatest military operations in American history. Takedown tell this story in magnificent fashion and captures this often harrowing fight in incredible detail. I walked away from it with a new respect for the American soldier and our Army.... A great read that I recommend to all!
    List Price: $29.95
    Price: $19.77 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.
    Ships from and sold by Amazon.com
    The 7th Infantry Regiment: Combat in an Age of Terror: The Korean War Through the Present (Hardcover)
    by John C. McManus (Author)

    List Price: $27.95
    Price: $18.45 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details
    You Save: $9.50 (34%)
    In Stock.
    Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. Gift-wrap available.

    A Story of American Heroism and Sacrifice in Southern France (Hardcover)

    by Jeff Danby (Author)
    Click Here to go to amazon.com


    Hitler's Mountain:
    The Fuhrer, the Obersalzberg And the American Occupation of Berchtesgaden (Hardcover)
    by Arthur H. Mitchell (Author)

    Adolf Hitler owed his success to his remarkable ability to capture the hearts of the German people. That ability was largely due to his skill at creating a public persona, not only as a man of determination and effectiveness, but as a visionary and prophet. To develop the latter image he associated himself with the Bavarian Alps, where his retreat in Obersalzberg became almost a magical cave from which he was able, with a wave of his wand, to manipulate public opinion. This work examines the political events that took place in Obersalzberg from the 1920s until the U.S. Army returned control of the area to the German government in 1995. Concentrating primarily on the years during which Hitler was in residence, it discusses the geography, history and climate of Berchtesgaden (a town located in the Bavarian Alps and home to Obersalzberg) as well as Hitler's original acquaintance with the area. In a wider scope, however, the work focuses on the symbolism of identity and public perception as it relates to the place, setting and lifestyle of political figures. Such symbolism was especially important for Hitler as he deliberately and ruthlessly perfected his public image in his quest for control of the German government. The closing chapter follows Berchtesgaden through its military occupation after the Nazi defeat in 1945.

    About the Author
    Arthur H. Mitchell is a professor of history at the Salkehatchie Campus of the University of South Carolina. He lives in Allendale, South Carolina and Associate member of the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division.

    Click Here to go to amazon.com


    US Army Medical Corps        

    Fifth Army Field Surgeon (Paperback)
    by Dr. Paul & Edith Shafiroff (Author), Barbara Swann PhD (Editor), 49 photographs and maps (Illustrator)
    List Price: $19.95

    Lilysohl Publishing
    ttn: Edith Lyman- Shafiroff
    P.O. Box 497
    Otis, Massachusetts 01253-0497

    The untold story of a surgeon who by a twist of fate found himself performing surgery behind enemy lines and how he and a team of Darby's Rangers brought out a German Intelligence Officer who held the secret to the German defense plans in Italy.

    My wife and I recently completed a book called "Faces of Freedom" which profiles one fallen service member from each state who was killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.
    100% of the proceeds go to Wounded Warrior and Fisher House.
    One of the soldiers featured in the book, David Salie, was a member of the 3rd Infantry Division. As this is an all volunteer effort, we are trying to spread the word and would like to get information out about the book on your website or in your newsletter. Any help would be appreciated for this great book.
    For more information about the book or to order a book through the printer, please go to:
    You can also reach me at (803) 318-4593 or at: derekpepin@yahoo.com .
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Derek Pepin

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, 
    I'd like to introduce you to Baseball in Wartime - a website dedicated to military baseball during World War II.
    In addition to the 600 pages of biographies and information included on the website, I offer a free monthly newsletter that is emailed to anyone interested in receiving it, and I would like to make this offer available to your society members.
    Anyone interested in subscribing to the newsletter can download sample issues and sign up for future issues at www.baseballinwartime.co.uk/newsletter.htm
    Thank you and Best Wishes, 
    Gary Bedingfield
    Gary Bedingfield
    Baseball in Wartime
    5 Pineview Court
    G15 7QT
    Great Britain
    Tel (from USA): 011 44 141 944 4206

    I have recently come across some pictures of a quartermaster company and have posted them to our site -


    Based on the information I have this is not the 70th QM Company - but of another group of guys who were perhaps transferred to the 70th prior to shipment home - names that I have are Capt. G.W. Reeder, George Dixon, Royce Knapp, Mel Pederson, Michael Rubel.
    By any chance do any of these name come up on any rosters you may have in your possession?
    Thank you for your time.

    Steve Dixon
    VP South and Webmaster
    70th Infantry Division Association


    Authorhouse Bookstore Direct Link to "Traveling Through W.W.II"

    This is not a chronicle of a brave and heroic soldier who rose several ranks to Captain or Colonel or Major, although he received a simple PFC to T-5 promotion along the way with a bunch of ‘other ‘guys’. This was an ordinary American boy, raised in a devout Catholic family by parents with strict principles, who was caught up in the conditions of a U.S. World War into which he was hurled as a teenager.
        All at once, he was clad in khaki and sent here and there on the European battlefields.  He was taking orders alongside his Army comrades, and serving  his time as prescribed by U.S. Army guidelines. It is not a profound look at the lofty pursuits of a hero, but the necessary obligations of Private Arthur B. Pranger. There are narratives and exhibits included but primarily this volume reflects ‘Art’s’ personal ‘spin’  on this memorable period in history - 2 Years - 2 Months and 29 Days with A Company, 86th Chemical Mortar Battalion.
        The 86th CMB was an integral part of the war across Europe. The battalion's role with the 4.2. Mortar included being attached to a few dozen INFANTRY Regiments and Divisions across Europe - through Normandy,  Northern France - Belgium “Battle of the Bulge - Hurtgen Forest,” points in Germany - winding up in Czechoslovakia in 1945 leaving all this drama behind at Camp Campbell Kentucky to return to civilian life on November 6, 1945. This work includes humorous incidents - not usually associated with the serious business of warfare.

    About the Author

    Arthur B. Pranger
    Born:  March 21, 1925 - Covington, Kentucky to Frank and Mary Pranger.
    Siblings:  Ralph, 1928, Mary Joan, born 1930
    Residence: Covington, Kentucky - 1925 - 1954 - Married November 25, 1954 - wife Rose - Residence - ERLANGER KENTUCKY Moved back to Pranger family home in Covington, from 1960 to present.
    Gary, Patricia, Christopher, John, Mary Carole, Lawrence and Donna Jean
    Education: Elementary - St. John Parochial, Commercial schooling  - St. Benedict Commercial, Covington, Ky.
    New York Technical School - Cincinnati Ohio - on the GI BILL - 1948-1950 - RADIO AND TELEVISION
    Employment: Kroger Grocery and Baking Company, Cincinnati, Ohio - 1942 - 1943 & 1946 - 1948
    Drafted: The United States Army August 1943. Basic Training - Camp Swift, Texas. Served  in  Normandy, Huertgen Forest, Battle of the Bulge and Germany - June 28, 1944 until November 11, 1945
    Self Employed: - TONEMASTERS TELEVISION SERVICE - Covington,  January 1950 to 1998. Part time employment TURFWAY PARK  Florence Kentucky until retirement in 2005.
    NOTE:  The home where the author and wife Rose currently reside in COVINGTON KENTUCKY was built in 1878 and occupied the same year by the Pranger family on their arrival from Germany.

    First to the Rhine:
    The 6th Army Group in World War II (Hardcover)
    by Harry Yeide (Author), Mark Stout (Author)

    This is the story of the Allied forces--the U.S. 6th Army Group and French 1st Army--that landed in southern France on August 15th, 1944.
    The book follows the action from the French beaches to the Vosges Mountains, where the first Allied penetration along the entire Western front reached the Rhine River. First to the Rhine covers the vicious fighting during the German Nordwind counteroffensive in January 1945
    and the French-American offensive to clear the Colmar Pocket. It then pursues the forces of the Third Reich across the Rhine to their ultimate destruction.
    Unlike the forces landing in Normandy, these American divisions were hard-bitten veterans of the war in Italy, and, in the case of the 3d Infantry Division, North Africa. The French units included many veterans of the Italian campaign and comprised Frenchmen and Africans in almost equal numbers. As the campaign went on, the French ranks were swelled by tens of thousands of Free French Forces of the Interior, the famous maquis. The German forces arrayed against the Allies included the famed 11th Panzer Division, an Eastern front veteran known as the “Ghost Division,” which would hit the Allied advance time and again only to slip away before it could be pinned and destroyed.
    This is the harrowing story First to the Rhine tells, from the strategic plane-down through the corps, division, and regimental levels to the personal experience of the men in combat, including the likes of Audie Murphy, America’s most decorated infantryman of the war.  The book features little-known battles, including one at Montelimar, when an ad hoc American armored command and the 36th Infantry Division came within a hair’s breadth and several days of hard fighting of cutting off the entire German 19th Army. This is the first popular work in
    English to explore the French role in the fighting and the relationship between the U.S. Army and the French forces fighting under American command.
    "First to the Rhine draws heavily on official American and French after-action reports, other contemporary combat records such as highly detailed S-3 and G-3 journals, and interviews conducted by the Army with soldiers shortly after the actions occurred. It also features personal recollections written by key commanders in American, French, and German ranks, as well as illustrations from official U.S. Army photographers and filmmakers.

    Authors Harry Yeide and Mark Stout draw heavily on official American and French after-action reports, other contemporary combat records such as highly detailed S-3 and G-3 operations journals, and interviews conducted by the U.S. Army with soldiers shortly after the actions
    occurred. Also used are personal recollections written by key commanders in American, French, and German ranks. Illustrations come from official U.S. Army photographs and film. The result is the first popular English-language history that explores the French role in the fighting and the relationship between the U.S. Army and the French
    forces that fought under American command—and at times also controlled American divisions.

    back.jpg (5999 bytes)

    Act 2: WWII
    The Adventures of Bruce Monkman

    A sheltered, naive, and undereducated young man, with few prospects and from a sleepy small town in southern California, had eye opening experiences entering the U.S. Army at the age of 20 in 1941. He served as a Battalion supply technician in the 3rd Infantry Division through the war until the ripe old age of 24 in 1945.

    This adventure took him from California across the United States, to North Africa and into Europe, including the Anzio landing. He wasn't on the front lines thus this is not a war story of battles and generals although there are battles to recount and Patton does make an appearance. This is the story of a regular guy in a most irregular situation, whose tales clearly illustrate the daily reality of wartime in World War Two.

    Bruce Monkman lives in Los Angeles, California, with his wife, Nancy. Since retiring from the Union Pacific Railroad, he spends his time gardening, visiting with friends, attending Army reunions, and writing his memoirs.

    To Purchase: Contact Bruce Monkman at 818-343-3370, BruceMonkman@earthlink.net , or send a check for $17.50 (book cost plus shipping) to him at P.O. Box 37-1311, Reseda, CA, 91337-1311. Calif. residence please add Sales Tax


    My Son My Hero A Mothers Journal:
    Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith MEDAL OF HONOR War on Terrorism
    by J.P.

    Our price: $16.95
    Format: Paperback
    Size : 6 x 9
    Pages: 180
    ISBN: 0-595-37085-3
    Published: Oct-2005

    To date there have been over 1,836 deaths as a result of the war in Iraq. That means that there are now over 1,836 parents trying to deal with the loss of a child, I am one of those parents; this is my journey.
    This journal is one mother's two-year journey after her son died in the hot dessert of Iraq, were the sand drank his blood and cost an entire family their loved one's legacy. This book will take the reader to cities all across the country for recognitions her son received for his valor. You will accompany her to New York City, to Ground Zero, where it all began.

    Other Formats:  Hard Cover  |  Adobe eBook
    Under the Wire : The World War II Adventures of a
    Legendary Escape Artist and "Cooler King"
    by William Ash, Brendan Foley

    I'm a London-based author and spent the last few years helping one of North America's greatest unsung heroes of WWII, William Ash, put together his wartime autobiography UNDER THE WIRE, which has just been published in USA and Canada.

    Bill, who just celebrated his 88th birthday, is probably the greatest living US prisoner of war escape-artist of WWII. Born in Texas, he joined the RCAF in 1940 and flew Spitfires until shot down in 1942. He then became a serial escape artist, attempting 13 PoW-camp escapes - cutting through the barbed wire, climbing over it, or tunneling under it before finally escaping for good.

    When the book came out in the UK a few months ago, it became an instant best-seller, but somehow it has been almost completely ignored so far by the media in North America. The only thing we can do to get Bill and his book the recognition they deserve in the US and Canada is to turn to the internet and people who care about WWII and the people who fought it for us. So I would be very grateful if you would forward this note to anyone who you think might like the book or help to spread the word that it is out there, available at most good bookshops or online at Amazon.



    The Mortarmen
    by Michael Connelly


    290 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover); catalogue #04-2710; ISBN 1-4120-4902-4; US$24.95, C$31.00, EUR20.15, £13.96

    A heroic and heretofore untold story of the men of the 87th Chemical Mortar Battalion and their 326 days of combat in Europe during World War II.

     I thought you might find this of interest. I have written a book, that has recently been released, about my father's WW II unit, the 87th Chemical Mortar Battalion. One of the Chapters, "The Final Push" deals with the battalion's support of the 3rd ID in March of 1945 as the division attacked toward the Siegfried line.
    Michael Connelly

    Heavy Metal: A Tank Company's Battle to Baghdad


    New book provides unique and controversial insights into the war in Iraq 

    About the authors:
    Capt. Jason Conroy, a 14-year veteran of the U.S. Army, is now stationed with the Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command in Huntsville, Ala.

    Ron Martz writes on defense issues for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He was named writer of the year by the Atlanta Press Club and Cox Newspapers and finished second to the staff of Time Magazine in the National Headliner awards for his coverage of the war in Iraq. He is the co-author of three previous books on military history. Ron is a member of Outpost 60 of the Society of the 3ID.

    Product Details:
    ISBN: 1574888560
    Format: Hardcover, 288pp
    Pub. Date: February 2005
    Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.

    B&N Price: $26.95
    Member Price: $24.25
    Become a B&N Member
    Save 10% off the B&N price
    every day.
    Usually ships within 24 hours - Same Day delivery in Manhattan

    "During the Iraq War, Capt. Jason Conroy commanded the tankers of Charlie Company. Charlie Company was part of Task Force 1-64 of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, an element of the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division. Equipped with mammoth M1A1 Abrams tanks, Conroy's company was at the tip of the U.S. Army's spear and one of the first elements into Baghdad." "Veteran journalist Ron Martz was embedded in Charlie Company. Together, from the unique perspective of an armor unit that was in nearly continuous combat for four straight weeks, Conroy and coauthor Martz tell the unvarnished story of what went right in Iraq - and what went deadly wrong. Conroy and his soldiers were able to overcome supply shortages, intelligence failures, and miserable weather to battle their way into downtown Baghdad, a place where they had been told they would never have to fight. Heavy Metal evaluates the Army's performance, including its use of tactics for which the soldiers had never trained." Through the personal stories of the young troopers of Charlie Company - who experienced a very different war from what was seen back home on TV - Heavy Metal tells us much about the qualities of today's American soldier, about twenty-first-century desert and urban warfare, and about how the Army should prepare to fight. Not simply a day-to-day memoir, it teaches vital lessons for future combat.



    Christopher Freeman  (  cafreeman@valdosta.edu  ), A reviewer, February 14, 2005,
    The Real Deal 
    My company commander, CPT Jason Conroy, and our embedded reporter Ron Martz have put together an outstanding narrative of the Iraq War from the point of view of the soldier. This is so much more interesting to me than another book written by some general. If you want to know what it was really like serving as a tanker in combat, read this book. I was one of the Cobras during the war and this book really tells it like it happened. A great read!


    An Oklahoma Soldier : A Ride in One Man's Saddle
    by Barbara L. Nielsen

    Of interest to whet your taste is a newspaper article on my father concerning his actions while with the Third. What maybe of more interest is a book my sister wrote on his life. Some of your followers may find it of interest of a different life and time of a boy to man story before, during and after WW 2.

    An Oklahoma Soldier
    A Ride in One Man's Saddle
    by Barbara L. Nielsen
    available thru www.iuniverse.com
    Our price: $12.95
    Format: Paperback
    Size : 6 x 9
    Pages: 106
    ISBN: 0-595-35044-5
    Published: Apr-2005


    Cold Ground's Been My Bed : A Korean War Memoir
    by Daniel Wolfe (Outpost 52)
    List Price: $22.95 Available at amazon.com

    Dan Wolfe was a Bronx, New York, teenager whose passions were baseball, fooling around in school, and hanging out at the candy store in the 1940s. Three years out of high school, he was drafted and sent to Korea. Cold Ground’s Been My Bed is his no-holds-barred memoir of the experience, from his physical to deployment into a frontline platoon.

    Dan tells the story with unflinching honesty and humor amid the tragedies that befell his company.
    Feeling inadequate about handling the Browning Automatic Rifle in basic training, he expressed his doubts to a cadre man, who assured him, “You don’t have to worry about it, kid. It’s given to the biggest men in the squad.” The day he arrived on the front line, Dan, five-foot-seven and 133 pounds, was assigned the twenty-pound BAR.
    When his platoon was ambushed, Dan crawled over fire-swept terrain to retrieve the body of his sergeant. Decades later he learned that he’d been cited for the Silver Star, but the Jeep carrying the papers was blown up by mortar rounds.
    When a GI was killed by negligent “friendly fire,” the victim’s buddy carried out a revenge murder.
    In recounting his story, Dan never pretends to be more than he was, a young man being shocked and shaped by the reality of war.


    3rd Infantry Division, Volume II
    ISBN: 1-56311-060-1
    Price: $39.95

    Description: The 75th Anniversary volume celebrates the "Rock of the Marne" Division. It covers the Division's illustrious history from WWI to the present day by looking at major actions of individual units. An all-new history of the society of the 3rd Infantry Division is included, along with a memorial roster of those who gave their lives while serving. Incredible photographs tell the story along with biographies of 3rd Infantry veterans.
    Click Here to Order
    A Volume I is also available.
    Vol. II, 120 pages, 9" x 12"

    3rd Infantry Division, Vol. I
    ISBN: 0-938021-65-6
    Price: $39.95

    Description: This book is currently sold out.
    Click "Add to cart" to add your name to the waiting list for this book. No charges will be applied to your credit card. We will contact you when the book is available. For more information, email us service@turnerpublishing.com or call customer service at (800) 788-3350.
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    The 75th Anniversary volume celebrates the "Rock of the Marne" Division. It covers the Division's illustrious history from WWI to the present day by looking at major actions of individual units. An all-new history of the society of the 3rd Infantry Division is included, along with a memorial roster of those who gave their lives while serving. Incredible photographs tell the story along with biographies of 3rd Infantry veterans.
    A Volume II is also available.
    Vol. I, 112 pages, 9" x 12"

    3rd Infantry Division in Korea
    ISBN: 1-56311-437-2
    Price: $55.00

    Description: This book is currently sold out. Click "Add to cart" to add your name to the waiting list for this book. No charges will be applied to your credit card. We will contact you when the book is available. For more information, email us service@turnerpublishing.com or call customer service at (800) 788-3350.
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    An inside look at the trials and tribulations of the Third Infantry division in Korea, beginning with a brisk overlook of the command and staff, followed by the beginning of the saga, leading through the road back, condition red, counterattack and the second winter. Concluding with awards and citations of the men who risked their lives in Korea.
    432 pages, 8 1/2"x11"


    That Body of Brave Men
    The U.S. Regular Infantry and The Civil War In The West
    Mark W. Johnson

    US $45.00
    CAN $70.00
    UK £33.99
    Published by Da Capo Press
    author's email: mjohnson1@uamail.albany.edu

    Using old regimental records from the Civil War, as well as diaries and letters, Mark W. Johnson has unearthed a wealth of new material about this long-neglected topic: he covers every unit and every battle in compelling narrative and exhaustive detail and reaches some surprising conclusions about the significant role these troops played in the Union's eventual victory.
    This book covers the full history of the four Regular Army Regiments that fought in the Civil War's Western Theater, the 15th, 16th, 18th and 19th U.S. Infantry Regiments.

    "An absorbing true-life story...Fascinating reading...This biography is just pure reading pleasure."
    — Bookviews.com

    "This book is for the general reader, the enthusiast, and the scholar. Johnson has succeeded in creating an illustrative history."
    — Journal of Military History

    "An extraordinary account of an extraordinary organization...Highly recommend[ed]."
    — The Civil War News

    "Johnson has done a masterful job...An extraordinary account of an extraordinary organization...The maps are excellent."
    — The Civil War News

    "This book belongs in the library of any serious scholar of the Regular Army and the Civil War...Valuable...Comprehensive."
    — On Point

    "Fills a gap in Civil War literature...Johnson's fine writing style carefully blends official histories with diaries and letters."
    — Choice

    "Johnson has broken new ground in Civil War military history...The narrative is peppered with humorous anecdotes and personal experiences."
    — History

    The United States 15th Infantry Regiment
    in China, 1912–1938
    Alfred Emile Cornebise

    ISBN 0-7864-1988-1
    photographs & illustrations, notes, bibliography, index
    283pp. softcover 2004
    Available for immediate shipment

    Taking up its position astride the Peking-Mukden [Beijing-Shenyang] railway beginning in January, 1912, the United States Fifteenth Infantry Regiment was engaged in protecting American interests in China. The 1000 man force was especially challenged during the 1920s, those tumultuous years when warlords struggled to gain ascendancy in the Chinese Republic. Although Chiang Kai-shek established a measure of control in China by 1928, the regiment remained in China—partially to counter Japan’s increasingly aggressive actions—despite considerable misgivings within and outside of the United States Army as to the feasibility, desirability, and ethical appropriateness of the policy retaining it there. The success of the Japanese in conquering much of eastern China finally compelled Washington to withdraw the regiment on March 2, 1938.

    This work recounts and assesses some aspects of the involvement and service of the Fifteenth Infantry Regiment during its fateful quarter of a century in the Orient between the World Wars. Also detailed is the Army’s service in those years in general. Many insights are provided regarding the self-perceptions of a key generation of U.S. military personnel deployed there.

    About the Author
    Alfred Emile Cornebise is professor emeritus of History at the University of Northern Colorado and also the author of The CCC Chronicles (2004). He lives in Greeley, Colorado.
    Mc Farland Publishing Co.


    back.jpg (5999 bytes)

    The Not Forgotten War
    by Nicholas Dick Jr, Janet Dailey

    Price: $13.95 & Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.
    Availability: Usually ships within 11 to 14 days from Amazon.com

    THE NOT FORGOTTEN WAR chronicles the experiences of Private Nicholas Dick who served in a machine gun crew during the last few months of the Korean conflict. Those last months were among some of the bloodiest as both sides fought to claim as much territory as possible prior to reaching a cease-fire agreement. For years after his discharge, Nick was never able to talk about his horrific experiences and never mentioned the frequent nightmares he suffered. After a job injury forced him to take early retirement, he suddenly found himself becoming a victim of Post Traumatic Stress syndrome. Here is one GI's story of war and its aftermath.


    Letters Home
     From 9/11 to Operation Iraqi Freedom A Military Mom Shares Her Family's Story of Patriotism, Courage and Love
    Mary Ward

    It sells for $15 + $3.95 for shipping for a total of $18.95. I give five percent of the sale of each book to the Wounded Warrior Project. As of 12/13/04 $186.94 has been raised for our Wounded Warriors.

    Letters Home could be any family's war story. There are thousands of families deeply affected, some with more compelling stories some with less, all with fears they never dreamed existed. There are some thoughts that are never far from your heart and mind. This is one family's journey as told through the words of a soldier's mother and her son's letters home.

    Ward's son, Sean, enlisted in the infantry after the attacks on 9/11. He was driven to take up arms for his country and has not looked back since. Sean's letters home from basic training to the last letter home from Iraq range from joy to intensely reflective. He serves with the 3rd Infantry Division (mechanized) and was machine gunner on a Bradley during the first phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    Ward shares with the reader how it felt to read his letters and the life challenges they faced while her son was in the most dangerous place in the world.

    "Mary Ward takes us on an amazing journey, from the terrors of the battlefield to the tenderness of a mother's heart. Her "Letters Home" should inspire us all to be brave in adversity, and 'choose the harder right over the easier wrong'."
    Donna Gregory
    MSNBC News Correspondent

    Click or go to http://www.marehaven.com/StoreFront.bok to order this book


    The Secret Journal of Benny Travis, is now available for sale or rental at First Look Video Rentals.

    DVD-R (NTSC), The Good Fight Digital Motion Pictures, 2003, 28 minutes.
    Written and directed by Dean Augustin.
    Starring Anthony Maru-DeSerio
    Production Company SiteDVD-R (NTSC), The Good Fight Digital Motion Pictures, 2003, 28 minutes.
    Written and directed by Dean Augustin.
    Starring Anthony Maru-DeSerio
    Production Company Site
    Description: The journal of an American Soldier is discovered to be part of the items sold at an estate sale. Using archive film footage and digital photographs, the unique story of Benny Travis is recounted for the first time in almost sixty years.
    Festivals and Awards: 2003 Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival - Plantinum Remi Award, 2004 International Festival of Cinema and Technology, 2003 Frederick Festival of the Arts, 2003 Philadelphia Video Festival, 2003 Edgeworks Film Festival


    A 20% discount for warfoto.com users. Use the discount code, FLRTRL074 when checking out.


    In Association with Amazon.com

    WWII Memoirs-3rd Infantry Division


    One of 3rd Division’s Own, Authors Book
    Memoirs of Terry Lloyd Tennant

    At last someone has written about the long overlooked story, of the critical part played (in December 1950) by the 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division, in the vicious battle fought at Huksu-ri and Sachang-ni, southwest of the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea. The book contains 329 pages of real life adventure, humor, suspense, excitement, worry, disappointment, heartbreak, death, sadness, depression, recovery, happiness, and a multitude of historic facts. His life beginning in an upstairs flat in Detroit, Michigan, this is the story of Terry Lloyd Tennant, born into poverty during the great depression in the 1930’s, his experiences growing up in the inner city; then (at age 18) leaving home and enlisting in the United States Army. Known intimately only by those who were there and survived, it is the authors hope this book will be read by many of the 3rd Division men, so they will know and perhaps appreciate why we who were their are so proud of this special chapter in the long and glorious history of the -
    3rd Infantry Division U.S. Army - the “Rock of the Marne!”

    "LOOKING BACK" author Terry L. Tennant is available at
     or Toll Free at 1-888 280 7715        
    Paperback (6x9) $ 15.50
    Electronic Book Size is 14567K $ 4.95

    amzn-b4.gif (9122 bytes)
    Camp Croft Friends

    You may have already heard about the new book I worked on with the Spartanburg County Historical Association entitled "When the Soldiers Came to Town," the story of Spartanburg's W.W.I and W.W.II army training camps. While the chapters on Camp Wadsworth (W.W.I) and the Spartanburg Memorial Airport (W.W.II) are very interesting, it may be the section that would best appeal to you is the bulk of the book dedicated to the former US Army Infantry Replacement Training Center, Camp Croft. We collected many unique pictures, several of which appear in print for the first time. The book also includes personal interviews and articles by Croft veterans, local citizens, and historians ... 228 pages and over 200 images.

    Some of the folks in the book include:

    William Harner - interview; "Mutt" McCord - interview and captions; George Kreger - interview; Phil & Betty Cacavalle - interview; Philip Plotkin - captions and photos ; Joseph Jones - caption and map; Joe Hudock - photo; Frank Bailey - captions; Harley Henderson - photos ; Joseph Pizzimenti - multiple photos; Stephen Piazza- multiple photos ; Don Koos - caption; Walter and Evelyn Vieth - photos ; Paul and Emily Grubb - interview; Ron Croft - interview ; "Nic" Imbiraco - interview; Aubrey Escoffery - interview; Robert Taitt - interview; Bill Fowler - caption; Carl Barrea - photos; John Isom - photos; Gerhard Ritters - interview; Al Prendergast - interview; Arthur Guarrielo - photos; Walter Gostowski - photo
    If you are interesting in a copy you can send a check, $19.95 plus $5.00 to cover shipping = $24.95, to my address below and I will send it to you immediately. If you want more than one, please contact me first to get a quote for shipping costs.

    Ronald W. Crawley
    PO Box 56
    Gramling, SC 29348-0056
    (864) 472-2069

    A Biographical Novel
    George Thomas Clark

    "Hitler Here" is a well researched and carefully written biographical novel offering firstperson stories by the Fuehrer and a variety of other characters. This intimate approach
    invites the reader to peer into Hitler’s mind, talk to Eva Braun, joust with Goering,
    Goebbels, and Himmler, debate with the generals, fight on land and at sea and in the air,
    and huddle in the death camps as, everywhere, civilization is consumed.
    Please check out
    http://www.georgethomasclark.com/ -- the author's official web page - which features information about his biographical novel HITLER HERE. This work is unique because all the characters have bylines and thus the opportunity to reveal what they did and how they felt during an era of unprecedented destruction.

    The online excerpts are from the points-of-view of Hitler and six other characters.
    Generals Guderian, Halder, Rudnstedt, Rommel, Manstein, Zhukov, and Patton also have numerous entries, and so do soldiers from a variety of countries.
    At the recent Frankfurt Book Fair, HITLER HERE generated reading copy requests from several foreign publishers, and the English language rights in India have just been sold to Mastermind Books.
    Dennis Caetano
    Three Point Press

    We are writing to introduce you to our recently published
    The United States Fifteenth Infantry Regiment in China, 1912–1938
     by Alfred Emile Cornebise

    Links to this title and to some of our other military history-related works have been included for you below. In addition, please find an attachment with information on our specialty line discount program here for your consideration.
    Please let us know if you have questions. We appreciate your time and hope to hear from you soon!

    Beth H. Cox
    Sales & Marketing
    McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers

    We Called It War!
    Denzil Batson

    This is a book about a 3rd Infantry Division rifle platoon's front line action
    during the Korean War. Written by the Platoon Sgt.

    Send $15.95 plus $2.50 S&H to:

    Denzil Batson
    158 Brooks St.
    Republic, MO 65738
    (417) 732-7423
    email: batsonDenz@aol.com


    "Thunder Run:  The Armored Strike to Capture Baghdad"
    at Amazon.com
    by David Zucchino
    Read an interview with the author at:

    Every war has images that are burned into the public's mind.  Operation Iraqi Freedom has several....the blinding sandstorms, or the photos of Iraqis and GIs tearing down statues and paintings of Saddam.  The other memorable event of the war for many was the sight of American armor racing into the heart of Baghdad, despite the daily assurances from Iraq's Information Minister that the Allies were nowhere near the city.  

    The armor was from the US Army's 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized), and Los Angeles Times reporter David Zucchino was embedded with them for their drive up into Iraq, and then on their daring "Thunder Runs" into the city.  A year later, he has released a book about the division's remarkable armor thrusts into Baghdad and the savage fights on a major highway to the west of the city as the division sought to re-supply the armored force.  "Thunder Run:  The Armored Strike to Capture Baghdad"  promises to cement this amazing story into the annals of American military accomplishments with hundreds of first-hand accounts of what happened in the first week of April 2003, so far from Fort Stewart, Georgia. 
    General contributions may be made to:
    3ID Fallen Soldiers Fund
    Attn:  Susan Wilder
    Army Community Services
    Building 470, 76 Lindquist Rd.
    Fort Stewart, GA  31314
    (web site for Ft. Stewart Army Community Services)


    A collection of stories that first appeared in the
    Watch on the Rhine, the magazine of the
    Society of the 3rd Infantry Division

    Copies can be ordered from the author at:
    $15.00 plus $2.50 S&H

    John Shirley
    4218Drake Way
    Livermore, CA 94550-4914
    Phone: 1-925-447-2256
    Fax: 1-925-447-8835
    email: jbshirley@comcast.net

    "Your book arrived on Wednesday, so I stayed up half the night to read it, as I couldn't put it down. Very fine writing and you never left anything out, good or bad."
    Charles King, Editor, Watch on the Rhine, and veteran of the 15th Inf. Reg., 3ID, WWII

    "One does not have to know you to be spell-bound by I Remember. Knowing you, having cared for many 3ID wounded, and having trod the same soil in the same war makes it most memorable. All Marne men will relive every step with you as they read your fine book."
    June Wandrey, Author, Bedpan Commando, and Army Nurse from North Africa to end of WWII.

    "The stories are very well written, devoid of pretension or self-promotion, but reflected a sincere and doubtless accurate self image".
    Hugh Scott, author of Blue and White Devils, Former Third Infantry Division G-2 (Intelligence Officer) WWII

    "Your book is wonderful."
    David Mertes, Former Chancellor of the California Community College System, and Marine Veteran


    Dogface Soldiers

    The Story of B Company, 15th Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division

    From Fedala to Salzburg: Audie Murphy and His Brothers in Arms

    by Daniel R. Champagne

    A Merriam Press Original Publication
    4th Edition

    Click here or on book or Logo to order

    Merriam Press

    World War II/ Militrary History Provider

    133 Elm St  Suite 3R

    Bennington VT 05201-2250





    • Soft cover    $17.95

    • #MM40-P

    • ISBN  978-1468104493

    • CD-ROM    $6.95

    • Hard Cover

    • $36.95

    back.jpg (5999 bytes)

    History of the Third Infantry Division
    in World War II

    Click on above link to see description of 3rd Infantry Division book

    First printed in 1947 and reprinted in 1987
    Donald G. Taggart / Hardcover / Available 12/1/99
    Price: $59.95 plus $4.00 S&H from:
      The Battery Press
    P.O. Box 198885
    Nashville, TN 37219
    email: batterybks@aol.com
    http://www.batterypress.com/ for descriptions of Battery Press Books

    by Lt Col( Sgt in WWII) Sherman W. Pratt

    This book written by a WWII member of the Army’s Third Infantry Division that led the attack into Iraq in mid-March 2003 provides the most or only detailed and reliable account available of the remarkable record of the Division in World War II as witnessed and experienced by an actual participant.

    The Third began its almost three years of fighting in Africa, Italy, France and Germany with landings near Casablanca in French Morocco. It had 34,000 casualties, in almost three years of combat, more than any other Division in either the European or Pacific theaters. 39 members of the Division were awarded Medals of Honor. It was the Division of Lt Audie Murphy the war’s most decorated soldier.

    The Third was also the Division that arrived first and captured Hitler’s Bavarian retreat at Berchtesgaden in the closing hours of the War - not the 101stAiborne Division as incorrectly reported by Stephen Ambrose and Stephen Spielberg respectively in the book and HBO film Band of Brothers,

    Anyone with relatives or friends now serving with the Third Infantry Division and wanting to learn more about its distinctive, heroic and astonishing history would do well to not delay in obtaining a copy of this book while limited supplies last. The book in hard back was listed at $34.95 - current paper back lists $24.95. Copies can be ordered from the author direct for $14.95 plus $3 for p&h. Send orders to:

    Pratt Pursuits,
    1512 So. 20th St.
    Arlington, VA 22202



    Just found your website and think you have done a good job capturing the war we fought.
    My name is ED KLEIN and I served in HQ CO 3rd BN of 30th from Africa through to Germany. Only in recent years years did I find some of my old friends, some of whom have already gone.
    I spent my entire life publishing weekly newspapers in New York State as well as radio announcer and involved in cable TV.

    I have published a book "At Least Nobody's Shooting at Me",
    and would like to offer it free to anyone who served in the 30th during WWII.

    My phone number is: 845-986-3680
    and address is:
    Ed Klein
    29 JONES ROAD,
    WARWICK NY 10990

    From Fedala to Berchtesgaden
    A History of the Seventh United States Infantry in World War II
    by Nathan William White

    This title in the Military Reference Library series is available only as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file on CD-ROM disk (it is not available in printed format from the Merriam Press).

    The complete history of the U.S. 7th Infantry Regiment in World War II.

    Possibly the most extensive and complete history of a U.S. regiment in World War II ever produced.

    Originally published in 1947 as a hardcover book.


    Merriam Press

    World War II/ Militrary History Provider

    133 Elm St  Suite 3R

    Bennington VT 05201-2250




    or http://www.merriam-press.com
    Tell them you saw the book mentioned on the Society of the 3rd Division Website, when you order.

    Hitler's Jewish Soldiers
    The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent in the German Military
    Bryan Mark Rigg
    May 2002

    496 pages, 95 photographs, 6 x 9
    Modern War Studies
    Cloth ISBN 0-7006-1178-9, $29.95
    Featured on NBC-TV's Dateline in June 2002

    Baseball in World War II Europe 
    (Images of Sports) 

    by Gary Bedingfield 

    Paperback - 160 pages (January 21, 2000) $18.00
    Arcadia Tempus Publishing Group, Inc.; ISBN: 0738503215 
    [Two photos of the 3rd Infantry Division included]

    Click here to order from amazon.com

    To Hell and Back
    by Audie Murphy
    Value Priced at: $7.98

    Hardcover (July 1997)

    Click here to order from amazon.com

    Book-janeybk.jpg (16185 bytes)
    Janey : A Little Plane in a Big War
    by Alfred W. Schultz, Kirk Neff
    Price: $30.00
    Hardcover (May 1998)
    Southfarm Press; ISBN: 0913337315


    SOUTHFARM PRESS, Publisher
    P.O. Box 1296
    Middletown, CT 06457

    Click here to order Janey from  amazon.com
    Out of Print

    History of the Third Infantry Division:
    Rock of the Marne

    Jeffrey Gaul / Hardcover / Published 1989
    (Publisher Out Of Stock)
    The Crash of Ruin : 
    American Combat Soldiers in Europe
    During World War II 

    by Peter Schrijvers
        In Association with Amazon.com

    Bedpan Commando
    June Wandrey
    A story of professional heroism of a World War II Surgical Nurse.
    Order for $23.00 S&H included to:

    June Wandrey
    5240 Mapleridge Dr.
    Portage, MI 49024-5740

    Patton On Leadership
    Strategic Lessons for Corporate Warfare
    Prentice Hall Press
    ; November 11,1999; $23.00 Cloth; November 11,1999; $23.00 Cloth
    0735200912_01_MZZZZZZZ.gif (6389 bytes)
    Click here to order from amazon.com

    Books that might be of interest
    America's Forgotten Army: The Story of the U.S. Seventh Army
    by Charles Whiting. 
    Listed on amazon.com  or Barnes & Noble at $6.29. 
    The hardback is out of print.

    American Hero, the Life & Death of Audie Murphy 
    by Charles Whiting. 
    It is also out of print.

    Operation Northwind. by Charles Whiting.
    It's about the fighting in Alsace-Lorraine region. 
    The book cost is $27.99 + 2.50 S&H. 

    All books, can  be obtained from:
    Dorothy Inzer
    1690 Dogwood Drive
    Vidor, TX 77662
    (409) 768-1281 or (409) 769-7368 from 1-5 p.m.

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    B & L Military Collectibles

    95 Holyoke St., Easthampton, MA 01027
    413.527.5788  -  413.529.0411 Fax

    WWII & Post - WWII Era 
    Unit Histories

    History of 30th Infantry Regiment World War II by Rupert Prohme Jan 1947 ( VG)


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    Military Veterans...
    We want your story to be told




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    and Stories of the
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    South to the Naktong, North to the Yalu,
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    United States Army in the Korean War.
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    Blue and White Devils:

    The Story of the 3rd Infantry Division.
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    The Story of the 3rd Infantry Division.
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    back.jpg (5999 bytes)

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