3rd Infantry Division Photographs-92nd Annual Reunion 2011 New Orleans. LA Day 3

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Sept. 8 - 11 
New Orleans LA

Last Update September 16, 2011
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If you have photos that you took at the Reunion please submit them to us and we'll put them on this page.
Email your photos (files) with captions to roster3id@warfoto.com


Day Three- Banquet and Memorial Service

Gen. Kendall, Jerry and Kathy Daddato

Matt McKenna and Henry Burke

Kathy, Roberta, and Pennie

Nile Stuart and John Shirley

Joe and Lynn Ball

Lynn, Frances, Marianne, Roberta

Generally Speaking
Gen Maurice Kendall and MG Robert Abrams

Whitney Mullen and MG Robert Abrams

CSM Edd Watson, John Fisher, John Shirley

The girls talk with Connie Abrams

Nile, CSM Edd Watson, John

Warren Sessler and MG Abrams

MG Abrams with Aide entering hall

Connie Abrams with CSM Edd Watson
and Sharon Watson

Connie Abrams and Sharon Watson

CSM Edd Watson with Leonard Lasser

Gen Abrams with the George Burks

Jodi Heller, MG Abrams and Jon Heller

Bob Poydasheff, Jon and Roberta Heller

The Kenner Entourage

Roy and Mary Brumfield, Tina and John Keller

The Color Guard

Watching the Posting of the Colors

Posting the Colors

MG Robert B. Abrams - Guest Speaker

Watching Video of the 3ID

Lynn Ball announcing the Scholarship recipients

Jim Beckworth gives Gen Abrams a Tie

Henry Burke giving out Custom Canes

Gen Abrams gets his cane

Joe Ball gets his cane

George Burks gets his cane

Lynn ball gets Award from John fisher

Rich Heller gets his Award from Gen Abrams!

John Shirley gets Award from John Fisher

Lynn Ball gets her Award

Joe Ball gets his Award

Henry Burke

Nile Stuart

Ray Anderson get the Audie Murphy Award

Gen Abrams gets his Honorary Membership

CSM Watson gets his Honorary Membership Award

The Raffle

Connie Abrams pick a Winner

Sharon Watson picks a Winner

Connie Abrams reads off Winner's name

Jerry and Kathy Daddato give two custom quilts to wounded Veterans, Myers and Singleton

Nice Quilts!

Bob and Stacy Poydasheff

15th Infantry Veterans

WWII Vets and a member of WWII Museum

WWII Veterans

Sgt Rhonda Lawson, PAO

Joe Featherstone and Sgt Lawson

MG Robert B. Abrams and Connie Abrams

Jim Beckworth and Gen Abrams

Connie Abrams with Gen Abram's Aide
Captain Carroll
Singing The Dogface Soldier Song
Memorial Service - Sunday Morning

Henry and Pennie Burke

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