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Not Affiliated with the Society of the 3ID 

Hello, I am writing from Italy. I am part of a group of reenactors of World War II, and carry the insignia of the 3rd id. We have participated in many commemorations, Cassino, Anzio, Salerno and Rome. We would like to contact someone to show our photos and see if we could get in touch with some veterans of the 3rd id. We also wanted to know if somehow it was possible to get some proof that we recognize as a group of historical reconstruction in Italy by the 3rd id. I ask you because we do not know who to turn to I thank you for your kindness sorry for my bad english I'll send you some pictures as soon as possible ... I will send others, Thank you.

You know, you can request / receive a sheet from the 3rd id greetings and show us that we as a group of reenactors in Italy? For us it would be an honor. For us, this is a serious commitment in honor of all those guys and died to liberate our country and to whom we are eternally grateful.

Thanks again for your interest

luca sclavi


Last weekend (January 26,  2013) the ROTM Association (reenactment group) was in HOLTZWIHR, Saturday and Sunday for the annual reunion and the ceremony at the Audie MURPHY Monument. We were 23... It was a big reunion for us - 5 new members.
The new President is Guillaume "Will" Werey, Vice President Cyril "Vinny" Rey, Secretary Simon Deleyrole and the treasurer is Michel "Mitchy" Pascal.


A new monument dedicated to the Third Infantry Division
in Vosges mountains in France.
ROCK OF THE MARNE Association was in LES ROUGES EAUX (Vosges) on Oct 24, 2010 for the inauguration of a new 3rd ID monument. The day before we (20 members) were near this monument for a reenactment,  we dug foxholes in the same place where were the original foxholes. It was a good experience for all the members.




Memorial Day by Children of France 2010


Le Souvenir Français
(Comités de Lure, Saulx de Vesoul, Brouvelieures, Bruyères, Vesoul, Marchaux)
     Vesoul, 18 08 2010

Vesoul, 18 08 2010

Eric D. VANDROUX, in charge of the Memorial Days by the Children of France

8 avenue du Durgeon, Résidence Molière, Appartement 18A, 70000 Vesoul,
( 03 84 76 13 56 (fixe)           ( 06 07 74 81 63 (portable)            e-mail :

-       Associate member of the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division, US Army
-       Associate member of the 15th Infantry Regiment Association, US Army
-       Associate member of the 36th Infantry Division Association, US Army
-       Associate member of the 70th Infantry Division Association, US Army

-       Member of the  “Rock of the Marne Association”

-       Member of « Le Souvenir Français » (French Remembrance Society)

Excerpts from the official program:

Each time, a grave was honored and saluted by all, and the same ritual was observed : a letter from Mr Robert Taverni was read near the tomb of his father, Private Frank Taverni (3rd Infantry Division), fell in combat during the Liberation of Quenoche. He never forgot his loving father, taken away from his family too soon. Mr Robert Taverni comes back regularly in France to visit Quenoche and the Epinal American Cemetery,

The message from Mrs Toni Rosienski was very moving. It was read at the grave of Private Dominic Giovinazzo (3rd Infantry Division) who was her husband, shot in combat near Sigolsheim in Alsace. Mr Jerry Daddato, Chaplain of the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division and brother in law of this soldier, wanted also to express his gratitude to these young French who continue to honor the Memory of all the GI’s liberators of 1944 and 1945,

A letter from Mr John Shirley, Veteran of the 3rd Infantry Division, was read on the tomb of PFC Earl Silverstein (3rd Infantry Division), his good friend fallen during the bloody combats of the Cleurie Valley in the Vosges Mountains,

Other messages were read the following days in school rooms, from :
• Mr Donal O Connor and Mr Bruce Monkman, veterans of the 3rd US Inf. Division,
• Mrs Josette Deltieure and Mr Claude Deltieure, widow and son of Staff Sergeant Rene Delltieure, veteran of the 3rd US Infantry Division,
• Mrs Josiane Selvage, widow of a WWII US Navy Veteran, and active member of the Society of the 3rd US Infantry Division,
• A lot of commentaries and words of gratitude came from numerous veterans and family members of buried soldiers in the Epinal American Cemetery, especially from: several nephews and nieces of Staff Sergeant Gus Kefurt (3rd US Infantry Division) who received posthumously the Medal Of Honor.

Roses were laid also on the graves of soldiers of the :
- 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One) - 2nd Infantry Division (Indian Head)
- 4th Infantry Division (Ivy) - 28th Infantry Division (Keystone)
- 29th Infantry Division (Blue and Gray) - 90th Infantry Division (Tough Hombres)
- 82nd Airborne Division (All American) - 101st Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles)

Mr Michel Marlin, President of “Le Souvenir Français” of the district of Marchaux (near Besancon), explained who were First Lieutenant Arthur L. McCurdy, First Lieutenant Elmer L. Jr. Cudworth, Staff Sergeant John C. Hill who died on the 19th of January 1945 in their B26 Marauder plane crash in Fontain. He also talked about Private Albert Tamburine (3rd US Infantry Division), killed In Action in Geneuille, along with Private John Kreiner (36th US Infantry Division), who died in Sauvagney.


Hello everybody!
This is Moscow airsoft team:
From the beginning of 2007 we have started to be engaged in modeling 3 Infantry Division U.S. Army. We are fans of 3ID and always in awe watching her battle through :-)

Airsoft team
Location: Russia, Moscow

Team founded Oct. 1, 2004. From the beginning of 2007 we have started working on a reenactment of 3 Infantry Division, U.S. Army, so as to try understand on our self, what feel usual American guys our own age, performing his duty on the battlefield.
Since 2010, several persons of the team begin reenacting the 3ID in WWII. Today the team numbers 20 members.
The main uniform of our team is woodland BDU, but some members has a 3-color desert uniform and gear, to reenact 3ID in OIF I-II.
In our arms and equipment, we strive to resemble the standard infantry unit 3ID.
Join us people acquire not only teammates, but also very good friends, as well as in the present 3ID.
Best regards, Valiant-3


Fox Company
2nd/ Battalion
30th Infantry Regiment
3rd Infantry Division
Mid-Atlantic Based:
Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware

Mission Statement:

Fox Company Living History is dedicated to honoring and preserving the memories of America’s Greatest Generation: her World War Two veterans.

Fox Company Living History strives to honor America’s World War Two veterans through careful attention to detail, strict historical accuracy, and proper military bearing at all times.

Fox Company Living History seeks to educate the public about the lives and sacrifices made by America’s World War Two veterans using historical interpretation and first-person re-enactment.

Click Here to go to the Fox company 2nd/BN 30th Infantry Regiment, 3ID website


To all our friends, an image of the ceremony of the anniversary of the liberation of Holtzwihr (Alsace) this morning
Friendships in all Renee and Michel Marlin - Jan. 2009


I wish you a Merry Chrismas.
Kind wishes for health, happiness, success and prosperity in the new year.
Hope your are all fine.  I'm Ok,  i will be on duty for Xmas but not during the night...i will be with my girl friend. I'm a state trooper.
But i will be on vacation on 31- 1 and 2 January, I will visit my sister and my father who live in SAVOIE and HAUTE SAVOIE. 
Weather is very cold here, we had a lot of snow in FRANCE especially in Savoie, Hautes Alpes and Alpes Maritimes, 27 inchs...
We (ROTM association) will have our next annual meeting the last weekend of January in HOLTZWIHR (ALSACE). in 2009  we will have in August the 3rd ID tour!!!  Hope we meet many veterans! it will be interesting for us. 
Take care and stay in touch!!!



Became now a classic of its kind, the traditional international gathering of collectors of vehicles and uniforms historical commemorating the 64th anniversary of the landing in Provence, ran from 12 to 18 August this year, under a blue sky LONDE of the Moors until CAVALAIRE ...
Organized by the Association PROVENCE 44 "(Museum Franco - American landing in Provence) always keen to offer the public a vivid representation, referred to teaching, opening a page of history on events that have shaped our region.
This year the association Provence44, for the second consecutive year set up his camp a little time to shelve the now famous town of Cavalaire. Indeed, a common neighbor with a field of 10000 square metres allowed us to receive many participants and their big vehicles in correct conditions.
This year an emphasis has been placed in the care of representation camp then mounted for the occasion in the beautiful little city of LA LONDE THE MAURES. The entire logistics chain was represented: the corner "rations", the workshop corner, the ammunition depot, the station "gasoline" without forgetting the "catering corner," which in addition to providing a friendly open to any public, proposed drinks fresh and hot meal quality.
In equipment, in addition to heavy equipment present at the camp, "Provence 44" set still in the middle of the camp, a plateau artillery remarkable, both in achieving the dioramas, as the scarcity of material presented. The battery of a 40 BOFORS, a 105 HM2 and thanks to a protocol signed with the Museum of artillery DRAGUIGNAN, a 155 TOM LONG restored by members of the association.
It is noted that setting such a battery of equipment, 16 tons, with industrial means at the time, "Aleutian WARD France, winch DIAMOND M20" occupied a large part of members and fuelled the curiosity of many onlookers. Tribute was delivered to our glorious liberators!
On Wednesday, 13 on the camp THE LONDE and Thursday, August 14 on Space Jean Moulin in CAVALAIRE stock exchange of «militaria" collection offered to satisfy the curiosity of "public" and the passion collectors. These two days were closed by the proposed movie nights at the camp and open to all, the events that have shaken our Mediterranean coast at the time of landing.
The 15 in the morning, starting a convoy for CAVALAIRE where an impressive crowd, like all years, gathered along the Avenue of the Allies was expected for the highly anticipating parade of 15 August ". It has been pointed out once more throughout the successive movements of our important convoy a concert coup of horns and calls flagship followed by small friendly greetings on the part of motorists that we crossed.

For Saturday, 16, a symbolic march of about fifteen kilometers along the coast, dressed in period commemorated "the march of 15éme regiment of the third division Infantry with U.S. visit historic sites, headstones and burial sites and home by the town of Cavalaire with refreshments followed by a picnic. The return was done with a convoy of GMC and DODGES by the seaside Thereafter discount diplomas and insignia 15éme regiment of the 3rd division Infantry offered to all participants came to seal this memorable day in a very friendly atmosphere representative of our camp reconstituted.

            On the morning of 16 for a ride in light vehicles went towards the town of HYERES to visit historic sites and steles of the bay. The various stops on the heights fortified have enabled participants to see many German defenses and fighting which have taken place.
Our traditional parade night on the evening of Thursday 16 to CAVALAIRE, commemorating the landing of French troops in Provence. It even included the population of CAVALAIRE in a warm night. Among our many trips with our vehicles, no major fault was found. A small hat off to the mechanics of Provence and all 44 members which have helped to achieve these events.

The release of the LONDE THE MAURES, the day of 17, was celebrated with a parade along the main avenue, followed by a static display of our vehicles. After an address by Mayor marking the duty to remember, was offered a snack in front of city hall. A popular evening, fireworks and ball release organized by the city closed these days of Memories.

A big thank you to you who have come from all corners of France and
  Abroad, thank you for the friendliness that everyone has made,
and the Mairie de La LONDE the Moors
The City Council on CAVALAIRE SEA
The AVM 74 of VERGY
and particularly Herman PFAUTER of California
   At Colonel AUBAGNAC curator of The Museum of Artillery DRAGUIGNAN for the loan of guns that have enabled us to make the commemorations with period costumes,
and all members of PROVENCE 44.

We expect for 2009 already a large gathering with the participation of the 3 rd DI U.S.

President Michel CLAUSEL




I visited BESANCON last week  and i went to Fort de CHAUDANNES (near the city) where is the very nice monument about the 3rd Infantry Division that our association installed with the city of BESANCON. Probably next year, the veterans will visit this place. Hope it will be a very pleasant tour with many veterans.

ROCK OF THE MARNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take care Rich and see you soon (maybe in FRANCE) 


Dear Veterans and Friends 
As you know, we reenact the 10th Engineer Combat battalion (3rd Infantry Division) in FRANCE.  3 weeks ago,  12 members of our association decided to build a wood bridge over a ditch near DOLE (JURA). Length = 6.5 yards  -   width = 2.4 yards (just for a jeep)    it was very interesting to build something with trees. Our 2 jeeps crossedthe bridge to check it was OK or not!!  It was fine...    We did it!!!  Our first experience!!!  
I join some pics. Enjoy!   We want to realize a report about the combat engineers for Militaria Magazine! 

All the comments are welcome !!!!! 
Take care 
Best wishes!! 


Memorial Days by Children of France
May 13 and 19 2008
Click here for PowerPoint presentation

This last may, and for the 4th time, several school children of East of France visited the Epinal American Cemetery… Serge Lecinq, president of “Le Souvenir Français” (French remembrance) for the County of Lure (near Vesoul), Philippe Faivre, representative of ‘Le Souvenir Français” for the County of Saulx de Vesoul, Jean-Marie Siret, historian of the battles for the Liberation of the Vosges Mountains, Etienne Pourcher, president of the Community of the Cities of the County of Brouvelieures (Vosges Mountains), François Jeancolas, president of “Le Souvenir Français” for the County of Brouvelieures, and Eric Vandroux, coordinator and public relation wanted to continue this great adventure with the children from 10 to 11 years old… We wished to explain to them World War Two, the Liberation, the liberators, the Duty for Memory, and why it is important to not forget….

May 03 and 10, the representatives of “Le Souvenir Français” and the coordinator visited the children of the classrooms of Velorcey and Roye (near Vesoul), and were the teachers during these days… We explained the Liberation of our counties by the US Army, especially by the 3rd and the 36th Infantry Divisions… And of course we spoke about some soldiers who died for our freedom… About Marnemen like Dominic Giovinazzo, Earl Silverstein, Gus Kefurt, Victor Kandle, Frank Taverni, Joseph Ancavage, Frank Strehle, Albert Tamburine… About some T Patchers like John Kreiner, Ellis Weicht. And also about soldiers of others units like the 45th, 28th, 63rd, 70th Infantry Divisions, 442nd RCT, the US Air Force…
But we spoke too about veterans of the 3rd IDUS like John Shirley, Carl Topie, Rene Deltieure, Andrew Ginter, John Stanton, John Tominac, Audie Murphy, William Heller… These young students were very interested by all this information about this part of history of their area, but also by the life of these soldiers, what they did for our freedom… They understood why they’ll decorate the graves of these soldiers…

May 13 and 19, 120 children of 5 classrooms did their Memorial Day at the Epinal American Cemetery… The school children of Velorcey, Roye, but also of Brouvelieures and Belmont sur Buttant (Vosges Mountains)…
At first Thomas Cavaness, Superintendent of this Cemetery read the messages for the children written by John Shirley, veteran of the 3rd Inf. Div., and by Robert Taverni, son of one of these soldiers buried there… And he explained why the Cemetery, the meaning of all the symbols they could watch in this area, and spoke about several great units who delivered this part of East of France…

Then the visit of the graves… Each time the same ritual: explanation about the unit, about the man, decoration of the grave, meditation… Each time the children did that very seriously! They understood …
A great emotion when Joel and Babette More, citizens of Mignavillers (near Vesoul) spoke about their american cousin Edmond Creety, soldier of the 78th Infantry Division who died during the Remagen Bridge battle on March 1945.

And the Ceremony of Lowering of flag ! 4 children helped Thomas Cavaness to lower slowly and ceremoniously the so great Glory Flag and to fold it… Thomas Cavaness explained why the flag, the meaning of the stars and stripes, why the Memorial Day…

Then decoration and meditation at the Wall for the Missing In Action… These men who have no graves were not forgotten too… We had a special thought for the five soldiers of the 753rd Tank Battalion who died at Saint Vit, near Besançon.

During these 2 days 120 children laid 180 roses on 160 graves and at the bottom of this wall ! These flowers and the carriage of the children for these events were offered by the Association “Le Souvenir Français” for the County of Lure, by the Community of the Cities of the County of Brouvelieures. The Association Rock of the Marne offered too some roses…

But this adventure is not finished… These school children are writing letters to the families of several soldiers who are buried in this Cemetery… And some of these children will meet the veterans of the 3rd Infantry Division during their trip in 2009 for the 65th anniversary of the Liberation of France…
The work for the Duty for Memory will continue… We don’t want to forget…

God Bless America
Eric Vandroux, Coordinator and Public Relation


back.jpg (5999 bytes)

Every year we celebrate the memory of Dragoon 1944 on the south of France.
US camp is reconstituted for this event, several processions of military vehicles are organized, the Reenactment photographs are made.
Of course the veterans of this period are thanked and acclaimed by crowd.
Come to see all our photographs on

David Tanck


Renee and Michel Marlin on the left on the photograph

To all our friends, an image of the ceremony of the anniversary of the liberation of Holtzwihr (Alsace) this morning
Friendships in all Renee and Michel Marlin - Jan. 2008


Report from Rock of the Marne Association

Last October 2007, Our group was in VOSGES Mountains for reenactment and for several ceremonies.
We (13 members) stayed 2 nights near Col du Haut Jacques, we dug WW2 foxholes, we found old boxes of C rations, ammo,... We slept in this foxholes. we installed 3 EE8 telephones. We patrolled, some people from FREMIFONTAINE visited us.

We participated with our Color Guard and the squad at 5 ceremonies : FREMIFONTAINE (Monument 45th Inf. Div.), MONTPLAISIR sawmill (3rd ID tablet), COL DU HAUT JACQUES (3rd ID and FFI monuments) and MORTAGNE (WW2 memorial). During Col du haut Jacques battle, the 7th Inf. Rgt lost many soldiers : 148 KIA and 822 WIA in 20 days. We remember the sacrifice!!






Re-Enactors at the French Ceremonies
From Michel Mitchy


We participated in several ceremonies, dedicating 6 tablets in honor of the 3rd ID.  We were in DRAGUIGNAN at the US cemetery for an official ceremony.We also reenacted the 3rd Infantry Division and 1st airborne task force in the DRAGOON operation.  On August 15th at 08 am, we were on Beach Red with our Dodge WC52. We met Adolf HOFFMAN, in 1944 he was in the 7th Inf  Rgt (Battle patrol).  We met also Joe CICCHINELLI  (551st Para Infantry B.)  We don't forget what the veterans did for peace and freedom.







This January 28 2007 was a day of remembrance at Holtzwihr, in the Colmar Pocket.

The mayor Bernard Gerber and the citizens of this small city didn’t want to forget January 27 1945, the liberation by the 3rd Infantry Division… And as each year, there were two ceremonies :

-         firstly  at the “place de la Liberation”, between the church and the monument for the citizens of Holtzwihr which were killed during WWII,

-         secondly at the Monument for Audie Murphy and the soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division US.


In spite of snow and the cold weather, some citizens of Holztwihr, a French flag holder, representatives of French veterans and of course the Rock of the Marne Association took part in these ceremonies…  Bernard Gerber spoke about the importance of the duty of memory… He reminded us some episodes of the war and the liberation of his village. And he explained why it was important too to think to all these “Malgré-nous”, these citizens of Alsace and Lorraine who had to join German Army in spite of them, to avoid the persecution of their family… The greatest tragedy of this part of France…

Then  the first offering of wreaths…


At the Audie Murphy Monument, another speech by the mayor of Holtzwhir… And another offering of wreaths… A very small ceremony, but so impressive…

And lastly, Patrick Baumann, historian of this area and well known by a lot of veterans of this division US, explained to us the liberation of Holtzwihr, and the famous action of Audie Murphy…


At the end of the ceremony, the mayor invited everybody to the next ceremonies, next year at this period…

We wrote that in our calendar...


Eric Vandroux

Rock of the Marne Association


Last weekend the group (ROTM) was in BESANCON, we stayed 2 days in an old castle. It was probably the 1st house liberated in BESANCON, maybe some of you remember this place?
We slept in the yard with the individual tents and moved with jeeps around the city,  AVANNE, CITADELLE, FORT CHAUDANNE,  BESANCON Center.  It was a great moment also when the owner of the castle showed us the original pics taken by his father when the US troops were there. The GI's stayed 10 days in the castle  it was a Command post for the 3rd and 36th ID. Here are some pics of us. 



back.jpg (5999 bytes)

Eric D. Vandroux,  8 avenue du Durgeon, Résidence Molière, Appartement 18A, 70000 Vesoul, FRANCE
( 03 84 76 13 56 (fixe) ( 06 07 74 81 63 (portable)  e-mail : 

Vesoul, October 8, 2006

This September 12 2006 was a special day for the citizen of Vesoul...
At 14 00 PM everybody could hear the siren of the town, and just after all the bells of Vesoul toll...
As each year, at this date, at this hour... To remember the liberation of our town this September 12 1944 by US Army...

But this year, all the citizens of Vesoul were invited by the mayor of this city to take part in a special ceremony, at the school of the "Boulevard Charles de Gaulle", at 05 30 PM. In fact, it was for the dedication of the plaque for the memory of the soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division US who took part in the liberation of Vesoul 62 years ago...
There were :
- Mr Alain Joyandet, mayor of Vesoul,
- Mr Francis Lamy, Prefect of Haute-Saone,
- Mr Jean-Claude Ayala, deputy mayor for the ex-servicemen,
- some children of this school,
- some French flag-holders,
- some French veterans, and some citizens of Vesoul...
And during the ceremony I represented the veterans of the 3rd Infantry Division, and of course the Rock of the Marne Association.

Firstly, the speech of Mr Alain Joyandet, mayor. He explained the choice of this "Boulevard" : the American troops came by this way to deliver our city... And he explained the choice of the wall of this school : another bridge between history and young people... He explained too how freedom was important and brittle in our world, and that it was important to not forget the sacrifice of our liberators... And Mr Francis Lamy, Prefect, spoke about the importance of the work for the memory... And about the importance of freedom in this world where there are wars and terrorism...
And everybody spoke about the friendship between our two countries... Then Mr Joyandet, Mr Lamy, Mr Ayala and me revealed the plaque in front of the children of this school...

During all this ceremony, two flags flew in the wind... They were at the bottom of this plaque...
One of these two flags was an American flag, and was at the left of the plaque.. The other was a french flag, and was at the right... These two small flags came from the Epinal American Cemetery and flew a long time on the graves of the braves...One of the assistants of the Superintendent of this cemetery gave to me them last June... But I thought that these two flags had to be there during this ceremony... This plaque is for all the soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division, and we had to not forget all these Marnemen who gave their life for our freedom... Thanks to these two flags who flew on their graves at Epinal, there were invited to this dedication of this plaque for their division...

Then, just after the ceremony, several old persons who were there during the liberation explained what they saw, what they remembered! They were very pleased for this plaque... They know the meaning of the word "freedom"... They remember very well these young soldiers... This September 12 1944 they were very happy to see them. It was for them the end of a very bad period...
During a long time this plaque will explain to everybody why September 12 1944 was so important for our City, and why we have to remember all these young American soldiers who came in our country in 1944, and sometimes died for our freedom...
Thank you, Marnemen !
God bless America
Eric Vandroux

Memorial Day by children of France

Epinal American Cemetery

Last May 16 2006, children from Lure and Mailleroncourt Charrette laid flowers on several graves. It was the “Memorial Day by children of France”…

3rd Infantry Division

Kandle Victor L.           First Lieutenant, U.S. Army                15th Infantry Regiment   Medal of Honor

Silverstein Earl              Private First Class, U.S. Army            15th Infantry Regiment

Gill John W.                Private First Class, U.S. Army              30th Infantry Regiment

Sasse Leroy F.             First Lieutenant, U.S. Army                 10th Engineer Combat Battalion

Glanovsky Joseph G. J.  Private, U.S. Army                            3rd Reconnaissance Troop

36th Infantry Division

Errico Patsy W.            Sergeant, U.S. Army                            141st Infantry Regiment

Weicht Ellis R.              Sergeant, U.S. Army                            142nd Infantry Regiment    Medal of Honor

Derda Harry J.              Private First Class, U.S. Army             142nd Infantry Regiment

Phillips Lawrence E.      Private First Class, U.S. Army             143rd Infantry Regiment

Olsen John W.               Private First Class, U.S. Army              143rd Infantry Regiment

442nd Infantry Regiment

Fujioka Teruo              Private First Class, U.S. Army     

Mukai Hachiro            Private First Class, U.S. Army    

45th Infantry Division

Parise Tony                 Private First Class, U.S. Army             179th Infantry Regiment

Keating Thomas F.       Private, U.S. Army                             179th Infantry Regiment

Williamson Isaac G.     Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army                   180th Infantry Regiment

70th Infantry Division

Wallace Jack B.          Captain, U.S. Army                             274th Infantry Regiment

Bunstine Harold J.       First Lieutenant, U.S. Army                 276th Infantry Regiment

Oster Edwin E.            Private First Class, U.S. Army             276th Infantry Regiment

Mraovich Michael G.   Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army                   276th Infantry Regiment

Whaley Leroy             Private, U.S. Army                               276th Infantry Regiment

Brubacher Joshua B.   Private, U.S. Army                               276th Infantry Regiment

Pond Leon E.              Private, U.S. Army                               276th Infantry Regiment

79th Infantry Division

Kelly John D.              Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army            314th Infantry Regiment    Medal of Honor

80th Infantry Division

Searby Edmund W.      Brigadier General, U.S. Army             Division Artillery

101st Airborne Division

McLaughlin Basil G.    Sergeant, U.S. Army                            401st Infantry Regiment

U.S. Army Air Forces

Flinn William II           First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces                555th Bomber Squadron, 386th Bomber Group, Medium

 Hicks Wayne D.         Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces          555th Bomber Squadron, 386th Bomber Group, Medium

Johnson Everett G.      Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces           555th Bomber Squadron, 386th Bomber Group, Medium 

Grant Gordon R.          Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces          369th Bomber Squadron, 306th Bomber Group, Heavy

Huhtala Robert J.         Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Forces         338th Bomber Squadron, 96th Bomber Group, Heavy

Hill Herbert H.             Technician Third Class, U.S. Army Air Forces    811th Medical Air Evacuation Squadron

Guerinot  Frederick J.   Technician Fifth Class, U.S. Army Air Forces     196th Medical Dispensary

Women / Femmes

Johnston Helen            Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Forces           1400th Army Air Force Base Unit

Cunningham Jean H.   Civilian                                                American Red Cross

Guenther Dolores        Civilian, U.S. Army                             Civilian with the Armed Forces

Crowell Helen M.        Civilian                                                United States Civilian


Burns John T.              Civilian                                                American War Correspondent

« Here rests in honored glory a comrade in arms known but to God”                                                            

Part 2

Last May 28 2006, some citizen of Vesoul and the Rock of the Marne Association decorated some graves, consecutively to the Memorial Day by Children of France.

3rd Infantry Division

Tamburine Albert J.     Private, U.S. Army                               7th Infantry Regiment

Gilbert James J.           Private, U.S. Army                               7th Infantry Regiment

Katz Sidney                 Technician Fifth Class, U.S. Army        7th Infantry Regiment

Tolbert Raymond W.   Private, U.S. Army                               7th Infantry Regiment

Castonguay Raymond J. Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army                7th Infantry Regiment

Gottschalk Arthur H.   Private First Class, U.S. Army              7th Infantry Regiment

McElveen Joseph M.   First Lieutenant, U.S. Army                 7th Infantry Regiment

Silverstein Earl Private  First Class, U.S. Army                        15th Infantry Regiment

Rosenwasser Adolph S. First Lieutenant, U.S. Army               15th Infantry Regiment

Kefurt Gus J.               Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army                   15th Infantry Regiment       Medal of Honor

Van Loy Alphonse A. Private, U.S. Army                               15th Infantry Regiment

Todd Jack A.               Private First Class, U.S. Army              30th Infantry Regiment

36th Infantry Division

Driggs Orval O.            Sergeant, U.S. Army                            142nd Infantry Regiment

Massey Gordon L.       Private First Class, U.S. Army              142nd Infantry Regiment

45th Infantry Division

Stern Truman C.          Private, U.S. Army                             157th Infantry Regiment

Jenkins John W.          Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army                   157th Infantry Regiment

Rowlen John A.           Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army                   179th Infantry Regiment

Krasoc Frank F.           Corporal,  U.S. Army                           179th Infantry Regiment

Rosino Dominic A.      Sergeant, U.S. Army                            180th Infantry Regiment

Choat Jessie B.            Sergeant, U.S. Army                            180th Infantry Regiment

Hatfield Roy E.            Private First Class, U.S. Army              180th Infantry Regiment

Trujillo Redolfo P.       Sergeant, U.S. Army                            180th Infantry Regiment

70th Infantry Division

Shaffer Clifford L.      Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army                   275th Infantry Regiment

Spencer Lewis F.         Private, U.S. Army                               276th Infantry Regiment


101st Airborne Division

Janelle Laurence P.      Sergeant, U.S. Army                            501st Parachute Infantry Regt

U.S. Army Air Forces

Horst Harry C. Jr.        Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Forces         612nd Bomber Squadron, 401st Bomber Group, Heavy

Harbaugh Delbert O.    Private First Class, U.S. Army Air Force    10th Photographic Reconnaissance Group

Krowiak Casimir F. Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces        359th Fighter Squadron, 356th Fighter Group

Monasmith John V. Flight Officer, U.S. Army Air Forces                325th Ferry Squadron, 27th Air Transport Group



Daugirda Matthew A.   Sergeant, U.S. Army                                6638th Engineer Mine Clearing Company

McKnight Clifton C.    Technician Fifth Class, U.S. Army              3482nd Ordnance Automotive Maintenance Company

Ullman Paul                 Civilian, U.S. Army                                   United States Office of Strategic Services

Young Gaius W.          Civilian                                                      United Services Organization

"Here rests in honored glory a comrade in arms known but to God” 
Eric D. Vandroux                                  Coordinator and Public Relation

Last May 16 2006 was a "special day" for Lauriane, Nathalie, Mailys, Jean-Baptiste, Catherine, Quentin, Céline, Madison, Kevin, Max, Clémence, Louise, Océane, Bastian, Mélissa, Alicia, Blandine, Alizée, Romane, Bosra, Jenny, Anthony, Luciane, Julie…. 30 French children from the schools of Lure and Mailleroncourt Charrette (East of France)… They are 9 and 10… And this day was their « Memorial Day by Children of France »…

This particular afternoon at the Epinal American  Cemetery was the wish of several men, representatives of cities, representatives of french patriotic associations from the East of France.... Some of them : Jean Claude Lachat, first deputy mayor of Saulx de Vesoul, Serge Lecinq and Mr Jean Besançon, president and past president of the "Souvenir Français" of the district of Lure, Eric Vandroux, member of the Rock of the Marne Association.... A team for the work for memory in Saulx de Vesoul and Lure and Vesoul’s areas... 


But these persons were not alone this day to guide these schoolboys and schoolgirls... There were too :

            c Mrs Michèle Didier and Mrs Angélique Sanchez, the teachers of these young children...

c Some parents of them...

c Mr Philippe Faivre, representative of the "Souvenir Français" of the district of Saulx de Vesoul,

c Mr François Bardot, 21 year old, flag holder of the Souvenir Français,

c Mr Jean-Claude Besse, president of the "Union National des Parachutistes" of the Haute-Saone Department and 2 flag holders of this association,

c Mr Jean-Marie Siret, member on good standing for life in the 180th Infantry association » of the 45th Infantry Division., citizen of Frémifontaine (district of Brouvelieures, Vosges mountains), and co-coordinator of this event for the district of Brouvelieures (near Epinal),

c François Jeancolas, president of the "Souvenir Français" of the district of Brouvelieure,

c Mrs Bernardette Poirat, vice-president of the "Community of Cities of the district of Brouvelieures",

            c Mrs Radenne, municipal counsellor at Frémifontaine,

And our guide during this afternoon was Mr Jambois, French assistant at the Epinal American Cemetery.

 14 00 hours : the beginning of this visit !

At the museum, the organisers and Mr Jambois explained to the children the meaning of this cemetery. Then at the bottom of the large colored glass mosaic map depicting American and Allied military operations they explained to them World War Two, the liberation of France, then the liberation of our area by American troops...These little boys and girls were very interested, and questioned a lot about what they saw in this museum : the several symbols, allegories, the meaning of the US unit insignias, like this one, a  blue square with 3 white bars... A lot of questions....

Then the visit of the selected graves (enclosed the list by unit)…

Why these tombs ? In fact we wanted to honor the GI’s of the US Divisions who delivered our areas, our cities…The 3rd, the 36th and 45th infantry divisions… As these divisions were in the Vosges mountains too, we wanted to work in this project with representatives of this area… And we included some graves of soldiers of the 442nd Infantry Regiment, the famous Americano-Japanese soldiers… But we wanted to include others units who contributed to the victory…. Like pilots and crews of the US Air Force who died in our sky or on our land during all the war... Like the soldiers of the 70th Infantry Division who began the war during Nordwind operation on December 1944 in north of Lorraine. A great division and great soldiers too... And of course we wanted to honor these 4 women who are in this cemetery… They also served in or for the US Army for our freedom… And we had to have a thought for each of them… 

Each time, near each selected grave, 3 French flag holders, the children..

Each time, one of these children laid a rose on this grave…

Each time, a thought for this American brave…

Each time we explained to these children the encrusted inquiries on the white marble cross…  

And Mr Jambois explained what he knew about some of them…  

But for some of them we had more information…

Of course about the Text Box:                     

 4 Medal of Honor recipients who lie in this American Cemetery :

Kandle Victor L.         First Lieutenant, U.S. Army            15th Infantry Regiment                         

Kefurt Gus J.             Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army                 15th Infantry Regiment                

Weicht Ellis R.            Sergeant, U.S. Army                        142nd Infantry Regiment

Kelly John D.              Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army        314th Infantry Regiment 

And we could speak about Tony Parise, Thomas Keating and Isaac Williamson of the 45th Infantry Division who died in the Vosges Mountains… About each of them we could show to the children a picture of these soldiers, we could speak more about their war, sometimes a little about their life…What they did for our freedom… 

We could also speak about Private first class Earl Silverstein, 15 Infantry Regiment, thanks to his squad leader John Shirley : “He was always upbeat and optimistic. He smiled a lot, and was a very pleasant person to be with.”

We had a special thought to Earl Silverstein, not only because he was in the 15th Infantry Regiment, this one who delivered Vesoul, my town… Not only because he passed away in my area… But because thanks to John Shirley, Earl Silverstein, now,  is no more unknown for us, citizens of some cities he delivered on September 1944… And because we know that he was a very nice person… 

These 30 children were so interested by all these inquiries about these soldiers who died for the liberation of their country… For them, now, World War Two is not 3 or 4 page in their history books in their school…There are now stories, anecdotes… There are faces….. Smiling faces… Faces of men who did history in their cities, in their area… A long time ago… Not only soldiers… they were men… 

These schoolgirls and schoolboys decorated 7 graves of soldiers of the 70th Infantry Division… It was the wish of two veterans of this great division : Andy McMahon and Robert Hays… As John Shirley, veteran of the Third Infantry Division, these veterans visit each time they can these American Cemeteries at Epinal and Saint Avold… They can’t forget their comrades in arms… 

Then 16 30 hours… The ceremony of lowering of  flag…. Mr Jambois explained to the children the meaning of this ceremony, and invited them to help him to lower slowly and ceremoniously this great glory flag … They helped him to fold it… Impressive moment ! 

Just after, a meditation at the wall of the Court of Honor… For the memory of these 424 Missing in Action.  
Then Mr Robert T Cavaness, Superintendent of this cemetery, explained to the children the meaning of all the symbols of the Memorial, of the cemetery…He explained why the eagle on the Museum… And why the sheep on the Chapel…And why these encrusted sentences on the wall of the Memorial… Everybody, not only the children, was charmed by all these explanations…Mr Cavaness is a very good teacher… And thanks to him we have another view of this cemetery, another view about these soldiers, another view about the work for memory…  

During this afternoon, these 30 French children laid 60 roses on 37 American graves and at the bottom of the wall of the Court of Honor… Men and women… From Private to Brigadier General… From Infantry to Engineer Combat Battalion…From U.S. Air Force to Medical Department… From American Red Cross to the Press… And civilians… Now, this young boys and young girls know that the GI’s were not only fighters… Some of them built bridges, roads… Others took care of others…  There were a lot of jobs in this Army…But this afternoon was too short to decorate all the graves we whished…40 others roses were laid on others 34 tombs last may 28, in the morning of the Memorial Day at the Epinal American cemetery. I was helped by 2 citizens of Vesoul : Murielle, my sister and Francis, her boyfriend, who wanted to do something for these GI’s during this special day… 

These 100 roses laid on these 71 graves were offered by :

-          “Le Souvenir Français” association of the district of Lure,

-          Citizens of Vesoul,

-          Citizens of Saulx de Vesoul,

-          “Rock of the Marne” Association,

-          And by the family of Staff Sergeant René Deltieure, Third Infantry Division, 7th Infantry Regiment, Company Mike. 

These 30 children of Lure and Mailleroncourt Charette were very pleased to do this “Memorial Day”… They were very interested, and wanted to know  more about these GI’s…But the representatives of the Cities, of the associations who took part in this event were also very delighted to see by themselves how these children lived this event : a lot of interest, a great respect…This afternoon was so fine thanks to the help of Mr Robert Cavaness and Mr Jambois, who explained very well about his cemetery… A great thank to them… 

But next year there will be another “Memorial Day by Children of France”…Others children from the districts of Lure and Saulx de Vesoul will visit this cemetery…This project was presented to several mayors of Vosges Mountains and Alsace, and perhaps next year…..But our wish is to continue to honor these GI’s who died during the liberation of our cities…It is impossible for us to know their name, their unit… And to know a few or more about them…  And of course to get pictures of them…We need your help for that…We would like to know for Vesoul, Saulx de Vesoul, Noroy le Bourg, Vy les Lure… In fact from Besançon to the Col du Haut Jacques (Vosges Mountains)…If it is possible for you, thank you by advance… 

During this "Memorial Day by Children of France", I had a particular thought to Robert Hays, veteran of the 70th Infantry Division who passed away last January... A good friend...  Several time I was with him and his comrades of the 70th Infantry Division when they visited the Epinal and Saint Avold Cemeteries during their trips in France...I remember that it was important for him to visit his fallen comrades in arms...He wished that French children decorate the grave of some of them...This last may 16, these graves were decorated by these young French children... For him...For us... 

In our area, the work for memory will continue…God Bless America

Eric Vandroux

Coordinator and Public Relation
-         Associate member of the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division, US Army
-         Associate member of the 15th Infantry Regiment Association, US Army
-         Associate member of the 36th Infantry Division Association, US Army
-        Associate member of the 70th Infantry Division Association, US Army

-             Member of the “Rock of the Marne” Association

-             Member of “Le Souvenir Français”, district of Vesoul

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Three days of Remembrance in France

Last September 10 1996 René Deltieure passed away...
But, who was René Deltieure ?

Born in France in 1925, René Deltieure became American citizen when baby, his parents and him went to live in USA...
In 1943, he joined the Third Infantry Division, 7th infantry regiment, Company M.
His battles credits : Rome-Arno, Southern France, Rhineland, Central Europe.

His medals and citations :

- Silver Star Medal : 20 auguste 1944, at Hyeres (South of France) :
"Rene Deltieure, 42 036 953, Sergeant (then Private), Infantry, Company "M", 7th Infantry Regiment. For gallantry in action. On 20 august 1944, near *** (in fact Hyeres), France, Sergeant Deltieure abandoned the cover of his foxhole during an enemy artillery and mortar shelling that wounded seven members of his platoon, in order to help and aid man render medical treatment. Although 77mm, 88mm and mortar shells burst within 25 yards of him, Sergeant Deltieure remained exposed for half an hour on his voluntary mission. Shortly thereafter, Sergeant Deltieure ran across 200 yards of exposed terrain through a heavy artillery shelling and into a minefield, to the assistance of 13 french soldiers wounded in an attack. Administering first aid and helping to evacuate the casualties, Sergeant Deltieure was exposed for another hour to artillery fire, with shells bursting within 15 yards."

- Oak Leaf Cluster (Silver Star medal) : September 11 1944 , Noroy Le Bourg (East of France) :
"Rene P.J. Deltieure, 42 036 953, Sergeant (then Private), Infantry, Company "M", 7th Infantry Regiment. For gallantry in action. On or about the night 11 September 1944, near *** (in fact Noroy le Bourg), France, Sergeant Deltieure set his heavy machine gun up alone on the shoulder of a road when vehicles were heard approaching in the darkness. As two vehicles drew alongside him, Seargent Deltieure recognized them as an enemy truck carrying personnel and a flakwagon, and he opened fire at them. Despite a hail of return small arms fire directed at him from distances of 25 to 35 yards, Sergeant Deltieure kept his finger on the trigger until he emptied a bolt. His fire exploded the flakwagon, killing seven. He also wounded several others and caused the capture of 12."

- Purple Heart Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster :
He was wounded during the battle of Vy les Lure (September 15 1944), and at Vervezelle (October 21 1944).

- Bronze Star Medal : January 30 1945, at Whir en Plaine (East of France) :
"Rene P.J. Deltieure, 42 036 953, Staff Sergeant (then Sergeant), Infantry, Company "M", 7th Infantry Regiment. For valorous conduct in action against the enemy. On 30 January 1945, during an enemy counter-attack on whir en Plaine, France, Staff Sergeant Deltieure set up his machine gun in a window of a house overlooking the enemy route of approach. Holding his fire until an enemy scout car was about 60 yards from him, he opened up, killing both occupants of the vehicle. He then directed his fire on a group of 12 enemy soldiers moving into position near a roadblock, killing one man and forcing the others to scatter. Disregarding the fire of a hostile tank that scored two hits on the building he occupied, he remained in position for approximately 30 minutes."

- European / African / Middle Eastern Campaign Medal,

- Army Good Conduct Medal.

After World War Two, he studied chemistry at New York.
During a trip in France to visit his "French family", he met a young French woman, Josette. In 1950 they got married, and they had 5 children. But World War Two was not completely finished for Rene Deltieure...
Remember, he was wounded at Vervezelle (Vosges mountains) on October 1944... In fact he kept in his body the glares of a German shell. They moved in 1996, and then Rene Deltieure passed away !

But Deltieure's family can't forget that Rene was so proud to be soldier in the Third Infantry Division, the most famous of the US Army he said, so proud to have taken part in the liberation of France, the country of his ancestors, the country of his father who was French soldier during World War One... The spirit of Verdun... France, his second country... This country he visited a lot of time with his family…

For all these reasons, the wish of his family was that Rene was not forgotten in France... They thought to a plaque for his memory at Vervezelle, this very small village in the Vosges mountains, who was fatal for him, 52 years later...

But we, French people, wanted more for the memory of this great soldier… We wanted that his family had three days of Remembrance in France, following in his footsteps in the Vosges Mountains and Vesoul’s area, “nearly” like in 1944…
Three days for the memory of Staff Sergeant Rene Deltieure, one of these American soldiers who delivered our country !

07 may 2006 : 10h30 AM : Col du Haut Jacques (Vosges mountains), ceremony at the monument for the memory of the KIA of the 7th Infantry Regiment... The regiment of Staff Sergeant Rene Deltieure…

From left to right : Mr Robert T. Cavaness, Superintendant of the American Cemetery of Epinal, Mr Cherpion, member of Parliament, Mr Etienne Pourcher, County Councillor, Mrs Josette Deltieure, Mr Lalandre, Councillor of the Region, Mr Bonnard, the ceremony master, Colonel retired, French Foreign Legion…
In this ceremony there were representatives of French patriotic associations, citizens of Vosges Mountains, the members of the Rock of the Marne associations …

Mrs Josette Deltieure and her son, Claude, the Rock of the Marne Association…


07 may 2006 : 11h30 AM : Vervezelle : dedication of the plaque in memory of Staff Sergeant Rene Deltieure :

Speeches by Mr Etienne Robert, mayor of Vervezelle, and by the first deputy mayor of Vervezelle. They spoke about the life of “Frenchy” (nickname of Rene Deltieure in the Third Infantry Division). They spoke about his story between America and France…
They spoke about the work for memory…

Then speeches by Jean Marie Siret and Eric Vandroux, about “Frenchy's" war,
his citations, and the circumstances of his wound at Vervezelle…

Speech by Mrs Deltieure… She spoke about the meaning of this plaque for her family, for her husband born in France, for “Frenchy”, for Staff Sergent Rene Deltieure who was so proud to be soldier in the famous Third Infantry Division, so proud to have done something for the liberation of France…
Then, we sang “The MARSEILLAISE”, our national anthem… Just after, the members of the Rock of the Marne Associations sang “God Bless America” !

This plaque on the wall of the town hall of Vervezelle…
This plaque is not only for the memory of Staff Sergeant Deltieure…
This plaque is also for the memory of Rene’s comrades in arms.…

The Rock of the Marne Association

The team of Jean Pierre Cocquard, owners of Jeeps and dodges of Lunéville in Lorraine.

After the “vin d’honneur” at the town hall of Vervezelle, after the lunch at Biffontaine, there was the visit of the others monuments for the soldiers of US Army in the District of Brouvelieures :
- Biffontaine at the monument for the 442nd Infantry Regiment US (the famous Japanese Nisei),
- Frémifontaine at the monument for the 45th Infantry Division,
- Bruyères at the monument for the 36th Infantry Division…
In October 1944 there were great battles in this area… A lot of young American soldiers suffered and often died for our freedom in these mountains and deep forests…
This day nobody wanted to forget them…
Each time, offering of weaths… and a thought for them…


08 may 2006 : 11h30 AM : Vesoul : Victory in Europe Day commemoration…

Each year it’s always a great ceremony in Vesoul !
French Army (French Air Force from the Air Base of Luxeuil), French Gendarmerie, Policemen, Firemen, but also members of patriotic associations, a lot of French flag holders, and of course a lot of citizens of Vesoul took part in this event presided by the Colonel of the Luxeuil Air Base and the mayor of Vesoul, Mr Alain Joyandet.

Mrs Josette Deltieure and Mr Claude Deltieure represented the American veterans, and especially the veterans of the Third Infantry Division…

And at the end of this ceremony, the presentation of the plaque for the memory of the soldiers of the Third Infantry Division US…

Mr Alain Joyandet spoke about the work of the Third Infantry Division during the liberation of Vesoul this September 12 1944…
And about the friendship between France and America… And how is important the work for memory… Not forget !

Mrs Josette Deltieure told about the sacrifice of these young American soldiers… And explained that her husband was so proud to have been in this Third Infantry Division… The greatest division of the US Army he always said…
The members of the Rock of the Marne Association were the guardians of this plaque… This plaque for the memory of the Marnemen that we represent since a long time …

This plaque will be dedicated next September at Vesoul…
It will be fixed on the Boulevard Charles de Gaulle, the road of the liberty for the citizen of Vesoul in 1944…
This plaque was the wish of the citizens of Vesoul…


08 may 2006 : 13h30 PM : Saulx de Vesoul : Reception by the mayor, the deputy mayors and the citizen of Saulx de Vesoul.

Mr Christian Bresson, Mayor of Saulx de Vesoul

The team of Mr Christian Bresson and Mr Jean-Claude Lachat, first deputy mayor of Saulx de Vesoul, did also a lot for the work for memory… The plaque in 2004 for the memory of the soldiers of the Third Infantry Division who died during the liberation of their village, the Memorial Day of French Children in 2005 and 2006, and others events…
They wanted to receive Mrs Josette and Mr Claude Deltieure for a lunch !

During several weeks in september 1944 there was an US Field Hospital in their village… As Private Deltieure was wounded during the battle of Vy les Lure, at a few km from there, perhaps that… It’s quite possible… Certainely…

16h PM: visit of Villers le Sec, Chapelle de Saint Igny

Mr Jean Claude Lachat, Mr Michel Clement, Mrs Josette Deltieure, Mr Jacques Theulin, mayor of Villers le Sec

Mr Michel Clement was 21 years old at the liberation of Saint Igny, a part of the Village of Villers le Sec… He met these American soldiers of the 7th Infantry Regiment. He remembered very well them…
The French resistants were their translators… But he remembered that one of these American soldiers spoke very well French… Perhaps Private Rene Deltieure ?
Then visit of this old very nice chapel…

16H30 PM : visit of Noroy le Bourg
Private Deltieure was awarded a Oak Leaf Cluster (Silver Star) for gallantry in action in this village (September 11 1944) … The citation is at the beginning of this report…
Some citizens of this city remember very well the liberation of Noroy le Bourg : a great battle, a lot of German and American soldiers Killed in Action…
Raymond Zussman, Second Lieutenant Co A, 756th Tank Battalion, 3d Infantry Division was awarded the Medal of honor for the same battle…

Between two members of the Rock of the Marne association :
Mr Claude Deltieure, Mr Jacques Jeannin, mayor of Noroy le Bourg, Mrs Josette Deltieure

17h00 PM : visit of Vy les Lure

Mr Henri Steinmann, Mayor of Vy les Lure, Mrs Josette Deltieure,
Claude her son, and the Rock of the Marne Association

During his speech, Mr Henri Steinmann read a part of the book “LURE LIBERE” by Mr Pierre Antoine, historian of this area. This part was about the battle of Vy les Lure (September 15 and 16 1944), near the cemetery…
He explained how the Company “L” and 29 soldiers of the Company “M” did their job during this very hard battle…
7 Killed in Action… 16 Missing in Action… 14 wounded in action…
Private Rene Deltieure was wounded for the first time during this battle…
Vy les Lure was liberated by the Third Infantry Division this September 16, at 09 A.M.

Then, everybody went to the cemetery… And in front of the monument for the Killed in Action of the French Resistance,
everybody sang “La Marseillaise” for the memory of “Frenchy”, for the memory of the soldiers of the Third Infantry Division…
Then “vin d’honneur” at the Town Hall, with the citizens of Vy les Lure…


09 may 2006 : 09.00 AM : Lure
The French patriotic association “Le Souvenir Français” of the district of Lure finances the visit of the American Cemetery of Epinal by the very young children of the school of Lure and of the school of Mailleroncourt Charette. They are from 9 to 11 years old. 30 schoolboys and schoolgirls…

Mr Serge Lecing, president of the “Souvenir Français” of Lure, Mr Jean Besançon, past president of this association wanted that these children had a “special lesson” about World War Two, about the work for memory, just before this visit…
Mrs Josette Deltieure, Mr Claude Deltieure, Mr François Bardot, 21 year old, prizewinner of the competitive exam about Resistance and internment in concentration camp, Mr Michel Marlin, president of the Souvenir Français of the District of Marchaux (near Besançon), and two members of the Rock of the Marne Association were the others teachers during this morning.

Mr Michel Marlin with Mrs Josette Deltieure and Mr Claude Deltieure

Claude Deltieure asked : “What do you know about World War Two ?”
Luciane, 10 years old answered : “This war began in 1939 and finished in 1945.”…
Blandine, 9 years old answered “The American soldiers liberated Lure on September 16 1944”.
Louise, 10 years old explained : “23 young American soldiers died for the liberation of our town”…
And we discovered that Mrs Michele Didier and Mrs Angelique Sanchez, the two teachers of all these children, had explained a lot of things about this period…
But it was not all… We discovered too that some of these very young students got informations thanks several websites…

Then everybody explained to these French chidren the meaning of this war for Hitler and german people, the invasion of Europ by german troops… The war in the world… The life during this terrible period, the liberation of our country…
Mrs Josette Deltieure spoke about her life in France during this time… The story of this very young jewish girl who disappeared for ever…
Mr Claude Deltieure spoke about her father during the war…
Mr Michel Marlin, child during the liberation, met these marnemen at Besançon… He remembered that the American soldiers made no noises when they walked… He remembered that it was not the case of the german soldiers…
He said that he remembers an American soldier who spoke very well French…
Perhaps he was in the 7th Infantry Regiment ? Perhaps this GI’s was Private Rene Deltieure ?
During these three days there were a lot of “PERHAPS”…
Claude Deltieure asked to the children : “Why history is important” ?
A schoolgirl answered : “Because our grandparents lived history, and I want to know it”…
Claude Deltieure said that the most important thing is not the stories of the war, not the stories of unknown soldiers, not the stories of politics people, but the stories of all the members of our families… All these stories who made what we are today…

Mathilde, Mélanie, Anthony, Alizée, Lauriane, Mailys, Océane and the others children…

Then, everybody distributed a lot of chewing gum “Wrigley’s” to the children, nearly the same that the American soldiers gave to the European people during World War Two…
And everybody sang “The Marseillaise”, then Mr Claude Deltieure and me sang “The Star Spangled Banner”…

Claude Deltieure and the exposition about the Third Infantry Division during World War Two

At 11:00 am, end of this event, and end of these three days of remembrance… The remembrance of S/Sgt Rene Deltieure, the remembrance of the soldiers of the Third Infantry Division US… The remembrance of all the American soldiers of World War Two…
These three days of remembrance was the result of the work of a team…
A great thanks to :
 "The Communauté of Communes of the District of Brouvelieures,
- Mr Etienne Pourchet, County Councillor and President of this Communauté, Mayor of Frémifontaine
- Mr Etienne Robert, Mayor of Vervezelle,
- Mr Jean-Marie Siret, citizen of Frémifontaine, associate member in the 45th Infantry Division, coordinator in second,
- Mr Bonnard, Colonel retired of the French Foreign Legion, district of Brouvelieures,
- Mr François Jeancolas, Président of the Souvenir Français of Brouvelieures,
- Mr Denis Henry, mayor of Biffontaine

- Mr Alain Joyandet, Mayor of Vesoul
- Mr Alain Chrétien, Deputy Mayor of Vesoul,
- Mrs Sonia Wicky, Public Relation of the town of Vesoul,

- Mr Christian Bresson, mayor of Saulx de Vesoul,
- Mr Jean-Claude Lachat, first deputy Mayor of Saulx de Vesoul, coordinator in second,

- Mr Jacques Theulin, Mayor of Villers le Sec,
- Mr Jacques Jeannin, Mayor of Noroy le Bourg,
- Mr Henri Steinmann, Mayor of Vy les Lure

- Mr Serge Lecing, Président of the Souvenir Français of the district of Lure,
- Mr Jean Besançon, Past Président of the Souvenir Français of the district of Lure,
- Mr Michel Marlin, Président of the Souvenir Français of the district of Marchaux (near Besançon)

- The members of the association Rock of the Marne…

You have to know that all these persons were very pleased to do something for these three days of remembrance, for the memory of the American soldiers who delivered our country… They did all the best they could, and it was so nice to work with each of them during this project…
The work for memory is not only a thought … It is projects… There are others projects…. Projects about others plaques for American soldiers, projects for monuments…Very soon…"

God Bless America !
Rock of the Marne !
Eric Vandroux
Coordinator and Public Relation


A Co. 1-15INF, 3ID from Czech Republic.

This is few pictures from our "action" named Green Barn. It act 17th-19th March this year. Snow was about 5 inches, and at night -5°C. Really "good" weather...

We defeat imaginary airfield opposite few OPFOR guys. We dug holes, installed Claymores (models) and... Wait - twenty hours.

Mission was success, airfield was guard against everybody.

Nightingal, G


On January 29, 2006, there were 2 ceremonies at Holtzwihr : One at the monument for the KIA of the City, and the other one at the monument for Audie Murphy and the soldiers of the Third Infantry Division !

Very nice ceremonies... There was the mayor of Holtzwihr, the representatives of the patriotic associations, the people of Holtzwihr, and of course the Rock of the Marne association... Enclosed you'll find some pictures...

Rock of the Marne !
Eric Vandroux, from the foxhole of Vesoul
and Mitchy
Chers amis

Quel bonheur de vous retrouver. Grand merci pour votre accueil et votre gentillesse. - 7°C un peu de neige, c'était "plus doux" que ce qu'ont connu nos vétérans en janvier 1945 ! J'envoie demain à Mitchy et Chris. un CD de la soixantaine d'images numériques que j'ai faites. Les 3 jointes sont en faible définition pour ne pas encombrer vos mail.

Les DVD ne marcheront pas toujours sur les lecteurs d'ordinateurs PC, mais certainement sur les lecteurs de salon, surtout s'ils sont récents.

Affectueusement à tous ock of the Marne vos marraine et parrrain

Renée et Michel Marlin


These pics are taken last October in FREMIFONTAINES near BRUYERES (Vosges area) We dug some foxholes used 61 years before by the 45th Inf. Div. and 2 members sleep in one foxhole. temperature was near 0°C ( 32°F). We stayed 2 days in this area and the people never forget the American troops.  Mitchy


Photos from the ROTM Re-Enactors Group in France


Our group was near VESOUL during the weekend August 14-15-16 for a reenactment in the forest. we slept the first night  outside with a blanket  and the second night in a barn with 3 cows!! we 're on the floor with a lot of straw. it was the first time for all...


These Pictures courtesy of MITCHY taken near Vesoul, France
in June 2005


Photos from John Shirley's Tour to France-August 2004

Also Photos from October Ceremonies of Liberations in the area of Bruyères (Vosges Mountains)
Photos from Eric D. Vandroux and
the Rock of the Marne Association

From Olivier Blanc-Brude:
Finally, I also accompanied John Shirley's group of 12 veterans of the 3rd Infantry Division during their (last?) visit in southern France. On this occasion, they received the 'Légion d'Honneur' medal from the hand of Président Chirac aboard a French aircraft carrier on August 15. I picked them up in Toulon on August 16, travelled with them and organized ceremonies
for them in Montélimar with the help of the town hall. I could also help as an interpreter for them for interviews in local newspapers. They were enthused by the reception, and I believe surprised by the warm welcome and how recognized their WW2 efforts are. A lot of clapping and thank you's from all the locals.
These photos are from Eric Vandroux and Chris Villers

back.jpg (5999 bytes)

Some pictures about the last Memorial Day at Dinoze, near Epinal, Vosges Mountains, France. As always, it was a very nice ceremony... My friends of the French "Rock of the Marne Association" were there, as always !

In a few days, we'll meet some veteran marnemen... We'll be with them from Besançon to Mutzig, Strasbourg... They will be at Vesoul, my town....
But you must know that commemorations, ceremonies and others events will continue to next V E anniversary...
Next September 12 there will be a dedication of a slab at Saulx de Vesoul (12 km from Vesoul), for the memory of the 15th Infantry Regiment, the Marnemen who died during the liberation of their town, for the John Tominac action. It will be the day of the memory... There will be a walking along the "krauts" areas, the "way of the liberation" taken by the 15th Infantry Regiment, the place where John Tominac earned his medal of honor, the place where the last Sherman was destroyed... Then the dedication of the slab.
And a few hours later the same day, at Vesoul, there will be commemoration too for the anniversary of the liberation of Vesoul. There will be jeeps, dodges, GMC and a reenacting group wearing WWII US uniforms, guns (like the morning at Saulx de Vesoul...)
If some of the members of your association are interested by these events, please tell me...
God bless America,
Your friend
Eric Vandroux



3rd Division, 7th Infantry Regiment Re-Enactors

My name is Rich Farinelli, I am the LT of the 3rd Div.7th Inf. re-enactors. We are based out of PA/MD/NY/NJ and have members all over the USA. I would like to get some of our photos on the 3rd Div web site if possible. We portray the 7th Infantry in WWII.
We would be very interested in talking with some 3rd Div vets and maybe adding more photos to your site. Thank you. Rich Farinelli

The photos attached are us at our last 2 events one is the unit pic from Ft. Indiantown gap WW II weekend, the other is another FIG event in March. Click Here to go to the 7th Inf. Reg. Re-Enactors Website


The commemoration of the Audie Murphy monument at Holtzwihr.
  Jan. 27, 2002

0000holt2a.jpg (161605 bytes) 0000holt5a.jpg (165354 bytes)
0000holtz00.jpg (265918 bytes) 0000holtz00a.jpg (298585 bytes) 00holtz00b.jpg (296282 bytes)

Holtzwir 2004

Eric Vandroux



Last reenactment in Mutzig, Alsace

I'm sending you those pictures taken during our last reenactment in Mutzig, Alsace, where the 10th engineer, "C" Company in support of 30th Rgt. was in charge to Breach the Fort still hold by the Germans in the early days of December 1944. At this time, 7th Rgt was already in Strasbourg since November 26th, &
Headquarters decided to use Engineers after unsuccessful Artillery & aircraft bombing dislodging the Garrison in a Multifort position German built from 1892.

With the "Rock of the Marne" Group we decided this time to honor more specifically those soldiers without medals, Engineers.
By the way, it had to be done since we basically have chosen since 10 years to represent the 10th Engineer Bn.
We have been representing already other valuable corps, Heroes without Gun "Medics ", other support units, without forgetting the king of the Battle "Infantry "...

A special thanks I must address is to Mr Bour from the "Feste Kaiser Wilhelm Zweite" restoring Group of Mutzig, who allowed us using the place of Fort
reenacting. He will be also very helpful for next years Tour in August.
I will end with thanking of Groups who supported us in this reenactment, 36th DiV "GRLD" French reenactor Group, & The Restoring Group of "Fort Frère" Strasbourg



Ceremony in SAINT JUAN (near BESANCON) Sept.20-21,2003

I join some pics about our last ceremony in SAINT JUAN (near BESANCON). In this small village was a temporary cemetery (1944-1949). 987 American soldiers were buried there and also some Germans soldiers. On September 20&21, ROCK OF THE MARNE Association was in ST JUAN for the ceremony. A plaque has been inaugurated for the remembrance. On the group Pic (in the middle) (left to right) Standing 2nd row : EICHLER Herman (Major), Captain PEPPER (US consulate STRASBURG), Samuel BOURQUIN (Sam), ST JUAN Mayor, Roland PRIEUR (EPINAL cemetery), Jean Remy JACQUIER (JR), Gilles GUIGNARD (Cook)
sitting 1st row : Michel PASCAL Michel (Mitchy), Christophe VILLER, Remy REVERDY, Frederic MARCHIZET (Fred), Philippe MARCHIZET (Stiff), REY Cyril (Vinny) and Thierry DALLOZ.
Hope everybody is fine after the 84th annual reunion in ST LOUIS. I have seen the pics on the website, very nice pics!!! It seems that this reunion was a great moment for you. I remember last year when I was in BUFFALO with my friends JULIAN MITCHELL (7th Inf Rgt), Chris and Fred. I would like to go to Fort STEWART next year !!
Best wishes !!!



I'm just coming back from BERCHTESGADEN with a friend, Vincent  we stayed 4 days in GERMANY and in AUSTRIA.
We were at the OBERSALSBERG (SS Barracks) and also at the KELHSTEIN (Eagle's nest - 1837 meters).hope you enjoy the pics.
see you soon

Capt. Russ Cloer
(The Russ Cloer website is at

I received the following Email for Giles Guignard who is newsletter editor of the "Rock of the Marne Living History Association in Switzerland and France." And I added my response. I also attach a photo he sent of some members of his group in 3rd Division WWII garb. I found it to be particularly heartwarming in view of the recent
positions taken by our former European Allies re Iraq. And I thought other 3rd Div. Vets might be interested to know that we haven't been forgotten.      Russ Cloer, WWII Cpt, 7th Inf, 3rd Inf Div.
Dear Mr Cloer,
I hope this email finds you in good health, I don't know if you remember, I sent you an email sometime ago regarding my emotion upon reading your biography and my interest in the 3rd division as well as our "Rock of the Marne" living history association in Switzerland and France.
By the way, we attended the reflagging ceremony of the first "big red one" vs 3rd "Rock of the Marne" in Wuerzburg -Germany in '96 and the last division flag was given to us by the commanding general as for our efforts and he said "you are now the only ones to represent our old 3rd division on European soil" and he gave us the flag!
We're are so proud of our flag! I'm including a photo of our group (I'm not in it) with our flag. the woods you see behind are the woods of Holtzwihr where Audie Murphy received his CMH.
Now, I have been giving the link of your biography to all my members and to other 3rd ID vets with whom I am in touch and everybody is thrilled, they had never heard of your site!
Along with my ww2 researches I also write articles for our association Newsletter. Would you authorize me to translate a few anecdotes or chapters and maybe use a couple of photos that are on your site ?Of course I will let you have a copy of our newsletter (in French) and will let you know before which chapter(s) I intend to translate. Is that ok with you ?
With best wishes and thanks in advance,
your (cadet) brothers in Europe who will never forget your contribution and sacrifices.
Gilles Guignard
Tel: +41-22-990-03-03
Dear Giles, July 25, 2003
Thank you for your nice Email of 7/25/03 and the photo of your reenactment group. I find it heartwarming to know that there is a "Rock of the Marne" living history association active in Switzerland and France, 60 years after the battles that we fought in Europe. And that young people of those countries still honor and respect us for what we did. You can't imagine how much that means to an 82 year old veteran of the 3rd Division in WWII! Especially in these troubled times!
With regard to your use of some of my memoirs and photos which appear on my website in your Association Newsletter, you have my complete agreement under the conditions you describe. In fact, I would feel honored to have you do that and I appreciate your offer to do the translation to French. I was fluent in French during WWII, having recently finished four years of French language study in high school and college. It will be interesting to see how much I remember!
Best wishes and thank you!
Russ Cloer, WWII Cpt, 7th Inf, 3rd Inf Div

2003 Observances of Memorial Day
and the end of WWII in France

Our group "ROCK OF THE MARNE" was in EPINAL cemetery for the last Memorial Day. Like every year, we have put down a nice wreath for all the American soldiers.

We have not forgotten your sacrifice to give us freedom and peace.

i join a pic taken last January in HOLTZWIHR (ALSACE)
From left to right : Sebastien MASSON, Fred MARCHIZET, Thierry DALLOZ, MITCHY, Samuel BOURQUIN,
Christophe VILLER, CREMAILH J-Pierre and Cyril REY.

We are French but we have not forgotten the 3rd INF DIV and the USA !!
Our group was in SULLY (near DIJON - FRANCE) for 5 days (From 7 to 11 May).
It was a show for public and also schools at the occasion of the anniversary end of the WW2 (May 8th).
We were 10 members, with tents and equipments. Hope you like these pics.

back.jpg (5999 bytes)

Reenactment in October-2002

Christobal Lopez as
WWII correspondent

Reenactment in JURA in August-2002
Reenactment in 2002
Michel Mitchy  and Eric D. Vandroux

Thanks to all of the veterans who have participated at this landing, ROCK OF
THE MARNE  association was there for the ceremonies, with 2 WW2 vets Julian
the weather was excellent and very hot.  we have represented ROCK OF THE
 Hope you enjoy.

The picture is taken in SIGOLSHEIM last January,  

001PROVENCE2001-1.jpg (120549 bytes) 001PROVENCE2001-2.jpg (98952 bytes)
sigolsheim4a.jpg (127520 bytes)

Some reenactors of ROCK OF THE
MARNE association. 

Thanks Mitch for snap of 3ID reenactors - surprised to see there were any
- we found on our return to battlefields in 1994 that re enactors abound
in Southern France - and is intriguing to see they exist also in Alsace -
our reception there was warm and emotional - even found an "Avenue de la
Troisieme Division Americaine "  (if correct spelling?)  Sherm Pratt

A photo of Kevin Mello, 3rd ID reenactor, at a garrison at Fort Morgan, Alabama on the beach with a period Argus C3, in the guise of a 3rd Signal Co. photographer.


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