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Cold War and Desert Storm

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I was in Company "D" of the 4th Inf. 3rd Div. stationed in Bamberg in 1958 and 1959 and these are some of the photos I took in Bamberg and in Nuremberg. I hope you can use them. Howard Fitzcharles III 


1/7 B Co, 83-86

These are some photos of B 1/7 B Co. We just picked up the Bradley M-2. 

Brand new, with new tank smell. I was a gunner. I had a great time serving with every one and miss them very much. We did a lot of good army training as part of the Division 86 program. Re-forger 85 Was a show for the ages. We were lead company for the hole division. when it ended we were so far out in front. We had to sit in a guest house and drink beer for two days. Wile we waited for the rest of the division to catch up.

Me lower left.  Steve Tiefisher



Many of these photos came from my friend & fellow member of the 4th BN, 64th Armor. His name is Chuck Popp from Wisconsin. He was in Maint. I was driver of HQ 66. I arrived in Germany May 1967 & went back to the States Dec. 1969. Ernie Austin


1st/15th Inf., Harvey Barracks, Kitzingen, Germany from 1967 to 1969

Chris von Volborth

I was an SP5 Medic in the HQ Co., 1st/15th Inf., Harvey Barracks, Kitzingen, Germany from 1967 to 1969. As a native born German who emigrated to the US in 1953 I had a blast during my two years here. It was rather weird riding through the small towns on our APC watching the little German kids wave at me. When I was little I waved at American occupation troops the same way. Shows you the futility of war! I could visit my family on three day passes, went TDY to entertain the 3rd division troops with my saxophone, had a jazz quintet with members of the 3rd Div. Band in Wuerzburg, and generally enjoyed drinking great Frankenwein and getting over. We even performed in the Drachengrotte (Cave) in Sulzfeld, my favorite hangout.
Our CO was Capt. Blackwell, a real putz. Then 1 Lt. Nick Russo, and finally 1 Lt. Larry Tarbell, who was a great guy. Other cool officers were Lts. Bill Eden, Ike Seamans, and Chip Wall. Chip and I used to travel the countryside, talking to farmers about maneuver damages. I got that job because army trained interpreters didn't understand, nor could they converse in, the local dialect. They finally offered to make me an interpreter 1 month prior to discharge if I re-upped ("re-up and buy a car!"), but...too late. In any case, it got me out of KP and having to hang out in the motor pool all day.
I even contributed to the local cultural scene, producing jazz concerts both in the Coliseum in Kitzingen and on a Main River excursion boat out of Wuerzburg. I am sending some pictures showing your tax dollars at work! Boy don't I remember waiting for hours for Seneff to show up for a parade in Wuerzburg with tanks, trucks, APCs, etc. burning gas $$$$ at idle. It rained cats and dogs and we were soaked to the point where our gloves were staining our hands black. Suddenly the clouds parted, the warm sun emerged bathing the landscape in a golden glow, Seneff showed up for about 10 minutes, said something unintelligible, left, and the black clouds rolled back in and the merciless rain began again.
Another time we stood at parade rest in sub zero temperature in Harvey barracks, waiting for a colonel to show for a change of command. About two hours later, nobody showed because the commander decided to call it off because of the brutal cold. Once we returned to the barracks my platoon sergeant told me to go and give a class in cold weather injury prevention to B Company.
 I was also CBR NCO and got to bunk in the command tent on maneuvers. One sloppy and snowy night in November in the field we got hit with a tear gas attack which caught the sergeant major - a real douche - by surprise. He bounded out of the tent, tripped, and fell face first into a sea of mud flavored slushie. There is a God after all! Finally, nobody ever caught the guy who radioed for Bravo Echo Echo Romeo while on a field exercise in Grafenwoehr, the dustbowl of Europe. And then, once I was drunk and an alert was called....but that's another story. I don't know the names of any of the guys in the included pictures except for Lts. Gutierrez and Agpoon. Some of you may recognize.

Chris von Volborth  cavolborth@cinci.rr.com


Kitzingen 1958 - 1960

Great site, it sure brings back some fond memories of Kitzingen and the German people. Here is a picture (left to right) Red Lindsey, Tom Noel, Ray Johnson and Ed Blair at the SCHUETZEN HAUS, (not sure of the spelling) but it was on the way up the hill to Flack Kaserne ( later called Larson Barracks?) a German bar with a small bore shooting range connected to it. We also spent time at the Hillbilly, Florida and the Hole in the Wall. I'll bet Kitzingen has changed a lot since we were there.

I also attached a picture from our 20th year reunion in 1977 (Lansing, Michigan) We were stationed at Flack Kaserne with Head Quarters Battery, 9th Artillery, 3rd Infantry Division from 1958 to 1960. (the Elvis era)

Thanks for the time you spent on the site, I would be interested to know if the SCHUETZEN HAUS is still there .. Regards Ray Johnson (Brooklyn, Michigan)

20th year reunion in 1977 (Lansing, Michigan)

Here is a picture (left to right) Red Lindsey, Tom Noel, Ray Johnson and Ed Blair at the SCHUETZEN HAUS

back.jpg (5999 bytes)

123rd Signal Company B, Wurzburg, Germany
Milt Merryman
I have been researching my old unit the 123rd signal battalion of the 3rd division Hindenburg Kaserne,wurzburg Germany (Jan 1963-Feb 1965) when I came accross the site and photos. Not sure how to post to the site so I thought I would send to you a few pics from 1963. Maybe I will see them on the site some day. I am 72 now and have lost touch with most of my buddies but I enjoy see photos of some of the guys around my time. The photo from window of Company B looks across the kaserne to the mess hall at Hindenburg. Note the flag at half staff for the assasination of President Kennedy.
Milt Merryman
Company B
123rd Signal
Wurzburg Germany

Hindenburg Kaserne from window of Company B

Milt with 68 days before the land of round door knobs

Milt outside of Company B


C co 1/4 Infantry 1979-1982
Fiori barracks Aschaffenburg, Germany
Drake King
My father was stationed in Fiori barracks during the late 70's and early 80's. I went back to find his old barracks and to my dismay, they have been all but dismantled. I did find one building of the Ready barracks still around but the building looks like it will be demolished soon. I hopped inside and was able to see some pretty near pictures still up on the wall. I did pick up an old fresco that was lying on the floor and brought it back home. I was hoping to find out more about it and who B Co 26 was.
Max Soto

Charlie Company, 2/30, 3ID 1964  Ledward

SP-4  Appleton, James E.  RA 127 133 86

Bottom Row, third in from the Left.


Hello my name is Marc Ebert,and I live in Berlin, Germany and collect military Zippo´s, I was a Zippo from the 3rd Brigade, the 3rd Infantry

Division.The buy Zippo is from 1985, so in the time where the the 3ID. was stationed in Aschaffenburg!

On the attachments arere two letters engraved D.  R.  maybe they know the Infantry soldier to this Zippo originally degree are has times!

If they wish,they can also use the photos i use on this e-mail attached to their parge !       marc_ebert1@freenet.de


Great trip to Germany 
Visited most of the old 3ID facilities in Germany.

Tim Stoy,  Mayor Meyerdierks, Monika Stoy and COL Rohrmueller

Lord Mayor Herzog of Aschaffenburg, Dr Edmund Wilhelm,
Monika and Tim Stoy

Former 3e BDE 3ID HQ in Aschaffenburg

We met with the Lord Mayor of Aschaffenburg to discuss placing a plaque there in memory of the US soldiers who served there in the Cold War - I was there May 1983 to Dec 1985. We are shooting for 8 May 2014, but that may be too tight and may slip to April 2015.  

While in Aschaffenburg we looked at the old US facilities there - there were six kasernes and a large housing area. There is little left of the US presence.  My old kaserne, Fiori Barracks, is completely gone. The old 3rd Brigade HQ building is empty and decaying - it should be demolished soon.   

We also stopped in Wildflecken to thank Mayor Schrenk for his dedicating the plaque last July honoring the US troops who served there in the Cold War.  COL Rohrmueller and Heinz Leitsch were instrumental in making last July's event possible. They are both members of the Reservist Association of the Rhoen - the area in which the Wildflecken Training Area is located.  We visited the kaserne and most of the old 2-15 IN buildings are still in use! The beloved old Rod and Gun Club is still in use as the officer/NCO club for the Germany troops stationed on the post.  

While in Wildflecken we stopped in nearby Bad Brueckenau to visit the memorial stone and plaque dedicated two years ago and to meet with Mayor Brigitte Meyerdierks.   

We passed through Wuerzburg and saw that Leighton Barracks, former home of 3ID HQ, is being used by the neighboring University of Wuerzburg for student housing as well as some faculties.  

OP Europe continues to work with former 3ID communities in Germany to dedicate memorial tablets commemorating US forces who served there during the Cold War.  Most of the old Marneland communities are supportive of this effort.  

Rock of the Marne! 

back.jpg (5999 bytes)

Date December 29, 2013    REQUEST #5547
Name: Dennis Caren
Email: Dwcaren@gmail.com

Subject: Bamberg 703rd ORD

Comments:I enjoyed looking at your website / photos.....brings back fond memories...

I was in the 703rd from early 1960 to 1962. I was first stationed in Bamberg for about six months and then transferred to Aschaffenberg where I served until my discharge in August 1962. I operated a wrecker and did primarily American - German relationship type of work. Helping Germans when they needed heavy lift equipment.

I am planning to visit Bamberg summer 2014. I can't recall where (barracks) in Bamberg we were located. I had a buddy who was in the 7th Cav and I know I could walk to his barracks.

Would you know where in Bamberg the 703rd was located and if a civilian can visit the site.

Thanks for your help.
Dennis Caren


Date: December 9, 2013          REQUEST #5544
Name:Tom DiMashe
Email: tjdimashe@yahoo.com
Subject: 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry (3rd ID)


I was stationed in Kitzingen, West Germany, from September 1966 to January 1969. Another soldier, Dewey F (Frank) Armstrong, and I have tried all of the web sites that don't charge a fee but without any luck. All three of use were in HQ company; I was the supply sergeant and Gary and Frank were assigned to the motor pool (Gary was a mechanic and Frank was a clerk).His name was Gary Bean and all we can remember is that he was from Iowa and his family owned a large pork/hog farm.Any ideas how we can find him?  If you look at the attach photograph, Gary is on the left and Frank is on the right.


Hi My Name is Roberto Gil I served with E co 10th Engr Bn 3rd i.d 1980-1982 Kitzigen Germany I've looked at other sights but nothing like yours my company group picture posted thanks for the memories I sent a few pictures I have from 1980-1982 I have other pictures but most of them of me Thank you for posting the group picture of E COMPANY 10TH ENGR BN 3RD I.D. my daughters were so surprise to see me in that old photo Best Regards Roberto Gil


      I served with Headquarters Battery, 1st Battalion, 10th Field Artillery at Ledward Kaserne, Schweinfurt, from January 1965 to May 1966. 

      I have submitted photographs taken in and around the barracks, the post, a battalion inspection wherein it snowed(of course!) and photographs of fellow troops in the field at Grafenwoehr in particular. 

      I included a few taken on board the U.S.N.S. General Maurice Rose coming into New York Harbor on June 1st, 1966 upon our separation from active duty 

                                                                                          Russell H. Satterthwait

back.jpg (5999 bytes)

Photos 1st medium tank battalion, 68th Armor. Co. D

I came across about 20 negative and B & W and color photos on the above subject matter. I am getting them scanned in. These photos include field  photos and photos of the 3rd ID Kitzigen football, baseball and boxing teams. 

Maybe they might be useful to family members? 

I have attached one photo of Pvt. Woods.  

Thank you, Terry 
Terrance Wilson amish234 @comcast.net


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http://medlabscience.uc.edu/ Medical Laboratory Science Degree Online
http://mastersineducationonline.une.edu/  Masters of Education Online

Who remembers this photo from E Co. 10th Engr Bn 3d I.D. 1980 Kitzigen, Germany?
Nino Mancini, Sr

Here's a photo of Robert Farrow's arm submitted by Toni Westland,
daughter of Society Chaplain Jerry Daddato

Toni Westland forwarded me the shot of my tattoo on your web page.  I have to say I was pretty surprised...and very proud!  I also wanted to say that I have been going through all the other links within that page and looking at some of the pictures of old Larson Barracks brought back a lot of very good memories.  There was even a shot of my old barracks and the window of the room where I spent my very first night on Larson, December 31, 1979!   Love the site and will be an avid follower! 

Robert Farrow

SFC, Retired


Here some new pictures (MAY 2012) from the former Larson barracks in Kitzingen.
It's renamed now to INNOPARK Kitzingen (


Here are some photos related to the 3rd ID in Germany taken 1979. These might be appropriate for inclusion on the 3rd ID web site. I was stationed in Aschaffenburg and commanded Co. B, 3rd Medical Battalion. The battalion was located on Graves Kaserne. The photos included the awarding of the Expert Field Medical Badge, photos of a field training exercise and a change of command when I left and was transferred to Nuremberg.

Major Glenn Shields
USA Retired


My name is Doug Thompson and I served in the 3d Infantry Division from Jul 77 thru Nov 79. I was stationed at Leighton Barracks in Wuerzburg and worked in the division headquarters. I worked for the Division G-3 originally and later worked for MG Tice and briefly for MG Wetzel prior to my PCS to Ft Stewart. This is my first reenlistment at the division headquarters. I joined the army in Oct 76 and served on active duty, Army Reserves and Army National Guard until 1998. I received a commission in Feb 86 and served as a Mp Platoon Leader for the 82d Abn Division during operation Desert Shield/Storm. I hope you like the picture. Thanks


I believe these were taken at Grafenwoehr. If I recall it was the only training site in W. Germany with a range where the 8 in howitzer could fire. The 1st picture show Capt. Steven White (USMA – not sure what year), Battery Commander, on the gun during a live fire exercise. The 2nd picture has the unit getting set to leave the range.

I was stationed with B Battery, 1/76 FA from Oct. 1973 – Jun. 1977. The 1/76 FA was an 8 in. self propelled howitzer (M-110) Battalion located at Larson Barracks in Kitzingen. Thanks for the work on this great web site.
Ken Crevier, P.O. Box 386, Belmont, NH 03220


3rd Inf Div - Cold War: 1st Battle Group 30th Infantry

As a PVT, I arrived in Schweinfurt in January 1961 and was assigned to Hqs Co,  1st BG 30th Inf in Ledward Barracks.  After a bit of shuffling around, I wound up in the S3 shop as a clerk typist.  As it has been 50 years, I only recall a few names:

COL William E DePuy, Battle Group CO.  Google him and you’ll see he wound up as a 4-star, CG of the Army’s TRADOC in the 70s.  He’s deceased.

MAJ Collins, S3.  I saw him in Saigon in 66; he had finally made LTC.

CPT Abe Sternfeld, S2.  A funny old guy.  No idea why he was still only a CPT.  I also saw him once in Saigon in 66; he was in civies and may have been retired from the Army.

MSG John F Lavoie, Ops Sgt.  A stern, but very fair, NCO.  He was the right man to introduce me, a new PVT, to what the Army was all about.  He was a WWII vet.  Last I saw, he was the Command Sgt Maj for GEN DePuy in TRADOC.

SGT Jimmy Brewer, Asst Ops Sgt. Good old boy, from Texas, I believe.  I hope he’s done well. Rolf T Gusland, my fellow clerk in the S3 shop. Vasconcellos, our fellow clerk in the S2 shop.

I also recall the BG Sgt Maj was a frightening fellow who definitely knew how to run the place.  He was airborne during WWII and was the only man I knew who had combat stars on his jump wings.

We had LTs and CPTs in the shop for short assignments – sort of stop to get their staff experience before taking a company.  Names:  CPTs Griffin, Huber; 1LT Wootten.  There were more.


I was only with the BG for about 18 months before being reassigned to Heidelberg.  During my time, COL DePuy was the senior officer on post.  Our BG Hqs was on the top floor of the Hqs building.  2/38th BG Hqs was on the second floor, and the post admin offices were on the first floor.  When standing on the street facing the Hqs building, the 1/30th was on the right and the 2/38th was on the left.  There were two companies in each barracks:  A & B, C & D, a blank for a WWII destroyed barracks, E & Hqs, and C/S Co was on the first floor of the first building on the 2/38 side.  As a WWII German Kaserne, Ledward Barracks extended “back and to the right.”  The US did not take that area, and it was sort of a slum.  Across the street from Ledward was the Post Library; the BG band was also located there.  Compared to the line companies, life in BG Hqs was not bad – minimal PT, no guard duty, but we had to pull KP after the German KPs were dismissed when they demanded too much pay.  On the flip side, we in the S2 and S3 shops were out in the field for all exercises, down to company level.


Exercises were of all sorts, and COL DePuy was certainly heavy on training down to squad level.  No wonder he eventually became TRADOC CG.  Line companies went to Wildflecken for small unit training, and the entire BG went to Hohenfels a couple times a year.  We made the trip once as a rail movement.  Maneuvers around Schweinfurt were continuous and all types and sizes, including FTXs and CPXs.  There was a division exercise where we even had clearance for a smoke generator unit to do its thing during a Main River crossing exercise.  Of course, the weather changed, and the smoke did not clear by the designated time.  The CINCUSAREUR, GEN Bruce Clarke, “dropped in” to see our TOC; our TOC was two APCs backed up to each other with a tent enclosure between them, making a pretty good-sized work area.  Village bakeries around Schweinfurt always did good business with troops during maneuvers as fresh baked bread was always preferred to go with field meals.  We always had to be careful in forest areas as the “Forstmeisters” would tally up the damaged and destroyed trees after a maneuver and submit a bill to the Army.  And did everyone have a bottle of booze in his alert bag?  We did.


Some time in 1961 our Combat Support Co sent a small group of men to the States for training on the Davy Crockett weapons system.  I don’t recall seeing that weapon on maneuvers, though there was a demonstration in the BG.  I certainly don’t recall if the BG actually had its warheads in Schweinfurt. 


13 August 1961 – I believe it was a Sunday – was the only time when we all thought, “this is not fun.”  MSG Lavoie personally rousted us S3 personnel out and into work with, “this is not an exercise.”  The Berlin Wall was going up.  Officers and clerks spent most of the day in the BG war room working on the “real” maps.  Company commanders were sent out to survey their “real” wartime positions.  We were all thankful that things calmed down quickly.  Some time after, when things were back to normal, COL DePuy had a fun idea for starting an FTX.  He set it up with the Cav on border that they would do an exercise, and our BG would barrel out of Ledward with radios on and head toward the East German border.  We went a distance and then broke off.  We learned later from ASA that the East Germans were initially in a bit of a panic.


This was all a long time ago, wasn’t it?


Manfred Groth

LTC, AUS (ret)

San Antonio, TX


My name is Bret Sayer. I served as a Sgt. with B co 1st Forward Support Bn 3rd ID at Conn Barracks Schweinfurt Germany from 1984-1986. Worked as a track vehicle mechanic supporting 2/64 and 3/64 armor and 10th engineers. I have enclosed a few pictures and would like to locate anybody that served during that time with B co.
Bret Sayer lovinourlife@roadrunner.com


For 3ID Units in the Cold War (1946-89)
use this link



3rd ID, Kitzingen, Germany 1968

Just stumbled on the site today....thought I'd send a couple pictures from Kitzingen from 1968......I was stationed in Germany for two years, 1968 and 1969.

I also edited a post newspaper for Harvey Barracks and have 5 issues of that small paper if this is something that is of interest to you.
I am attaching two photos of me, one in civilian clothes in front of the 3rd Infantry Division stone outside the Headquarters Building in Kitzingen and the other is a picture of me with the 3rd ID patch in my office in the headquarters building at Harvey Barracks.
I will also attach page one of the May issue of the Harvey Sentinel.....if the file is too big, I will chop it up a bit.
Ed Holt
Unit Supervisor
Hennepin County Adult Protection
Ed.Holt  @  co.hennepin.mn.us

(Click on pages to see enlarged view)




2BG 38th Infantry Regiment 3rd Infantry Division
B company, Weapons Platoon
Pictures from Jim Wefers

Front row left to right Seymor Trachtman, Larry Lowe, ? Lesuier, Charlie petersen, Dennis Pemberton.
Back row Lou Tomaki, Bob Penta, David Stevens, Art Strumpski, William Simmons, Ron Zerner and Ralph Torres. All members of B company were part of Operation Gyroscope when the 3rd Div replaced 10th Div in Germany. On September 1957 we started basic training at Fort Benning, Ga. and left in March for Schweinfurt. Weapons platoon had 81mm mortars, 106 recoilless rifle, FDC and FO. We were a great group together for two years. We were stationed at Ledward Barracks in Schweinfurt. Trained at Hohenfels, Grafenwoehr and Xray....

This photo was taken at Hohenfels, Germany October 1958. B company, weapons platoon, 2BG 38th Infantry Regiment 3rd Infantry Division.....
left to right front row Melvin Doyle, Wilbur Lloyd, Larry Lowe, Jim Wefers and Patrick Lambe.
top three left to right Bob Salvaggio, Charlie Petersen and Peter Manfredi....

B company cont'd.......
left to right Charlie Wilson, Peter Manfredi, Allan Novins, Wilbur Lloyd, Larry Lowe and Ralph Vito


My name is James East and I was stationed at Larson Barracks 703rd Maintenance in 1968-69. Hopefully you can use these photos. Thanks for the web site - it's great. Anyone can contact me at jeast29@cfl.rr.com.

I mailed some photos today of my stay in Larson barracks 1968 and 9, I noticed that Russell Hicks enclosed photo of the motor pool I worked in the last half of 1968. In 1969, i was installed to replace the German civilians, mostly in the coal furnace room (that heated the post water and heat). I shoveled tons of coal. I loved working with the Germans, Heinrich Paul and old John (who got shot by a Soviet tank). I still send Christmas cards to the Paul family today. I had a wonderful experience and will never forget it. I made a visit to Kitzingen about 3 years ago and the gates were chained and I talked with the German guards about the base closing and with real tears in there eyes they spoke of all the great times they had with the American GIs. The one guard spoke of her grandmother that would bake sweets for the tank crews back in the late 1940's and said she was so proud of them and to never forget what the Americans did for Germany. This made me feel better and proud of our country than I had felt for a while. I will go back there again and continue that relationship.
Jim East, Rockledge, Florida.



Dear Sirs,
The Cultural Society PAM eV in cooperation with the city of Kitzingen is currently conceiving an exhibition, titled "WILD TIMES in KITZINGEN". This project examines the many-sided effects of the American military presence on the daily and cultural life of Kitzingen in the years from 1945 to 1975. In particular it focuses on the immense impact of the American music on the German youth of that time.

To succeed we depend on external help, since we need photos, films or personal reports and memories of former U.S. GI´s about their time in Kitzingen. We'd appreciate it very much, if you could help us by placing a link to our website http://www.wildtimes-kitzingen.com at your homepage so that your readers can get details and information about our project. We hope to reach quite a lot of the former GI´s with your support.
Thanks for your help.

Merry X-mas & a Happy New Year!
Best regards
KD. Christof & Renate Haass

Kulturverein Kitzingen und Umgebung PAM e.V.
c/o Renate Haass & KD. Christof
Tel. 09321 382794 oder 8231
Fax 09321 8231


1/7 Infantry based in Aschaffenburg, W. Germany

Specialist/E-4 Andre' D. Smith 
(Honorably Discharged) 3rd ID
Bravo Company 1/7 Infantry Division
Aschaffenburg, West Germany 88-91


10th Recon M41 Tank outside Kitzingen 1956

The clan: Harvey Barracks EM Club 1956, Dinkins, Langford, Edwards & Shaw

3 Platoon 10th Recon Co Kitzingen : Later became C troop 3d Squadron 7th Cav, about 1957


703rd Maint Batt Hq Co A  Kitzingen, Germany 1966- 1967

After reading the Mails from other 703 Vets re Schutzenhaus etc thought I should send a few actual (May 2009) Photos of Larson and Kitzingen. Its been closed now for over a year and it's very sad to go up there anytime - A film runs across your mind reflecting the times you have came in and out of this Front Gate with your old VW - Now Chained-Up Gate. This lonely Front Gate which used to hustle with life. Now its chained-up. My Signal MOS was 31L20 and I can remember the row of Signal repair Trucks parked in the Hall. And the Alerts, and down the hill where the strange Rockets and mounds were. All has been said about the Hillbilly and all others. The Pizza places etc. God Bless. Photos Front Gate - Guard House Back Gate - Camera thru the Gate Rails - Larson Sign - a+b  SCHUTZENHAUS - Schnitzel with Bratkartoffel 6 USDL


 Help for ON POINT article

I am a Life member of the Society (Aschaffenburg, 7th Inf BG, 1958-59) who is doing a story about Army sports in the 1950s-60s for ON POINT of the Army Historical Society. What I need to know is the BGs and their cities in Germany and the sports nicknames. Kitzingen, for example, was the Red Sox. Are there any sports photos of that era I can use to illustrate my story? I need any sports art of that era. Kitzingen was USAREU baseball champs in that era. Or any players from that era I can interview.
Thanks for the help.
God bless!
7th Inf BG, 1957-59Address: 372 Nicholas Drive
City, State, ZIP: Lancaster, MA 01523


Kitzingen pics

My dad was in the 76th Artillery stationed in Kitzingen in the early 60s - I took my family to Germany in October and found where we used to live. These apartments were directly across the street from the entrance to the base. I had stopped in town at a gas station and asked where the army base was... well, no one knew where it had been so I asked where the train tracks were... the train used to go right in front of this housing so once I found the tracks I went right to it... I was only 9 years old the last time I was there in 1964.
Michael Sherard



These were taken during 1962. The first was taken outside of Ledward Barraks, Schweinfurt, Germany. A Company 2nd Battle Group, 38th Inf. 3rd Div. The second picture is a group of us getting ready to go on pass. Laster is me. The Msgt is the platoon Sgt. 3rd platoon. The last picture is of me and a buddy Don Steward outside of A company in front of the mess hall. 

Charles Laster
8130  OP 7


Kitzingen Germany
3rd Aviation Bn. Kitzingen Germany
A correction to the caption in this photo

I served with Chris Lawry in the Aviation Company, Third Infantry Division during the early 1970's. I was there from April 1971 thru June 1974.

The man next to me (first from the right of the photo) is USAF MSGT William "Willie" Waterman. The person to the left of me (looking at the photo) is CPT James R. Lane. I would like to establish contact with Chris Lawry. Do you have a current e-mail address for him?

Wayne S. Guffy, Jr.
CW4, U.S. Army (Retired)

My wife spent some time restoring these pictures, they are Kitzigen Army Airfield from the air and two pictures of me working in the tower cab. Chris Lawry


Wanted: Photos from US Army Kitzingen

Do you remember KITZINGEN, that small Bavarian town on the Main river? How about Harvey and Larson Barracks? What about the HILLBILLY BAR, HAVANNA, ATLANTIC, FLORIDA BAR, FRANKEN-KLAUSE, " HOLE in the WALL " or the BENGASI BAR?

Those clubs are all long gone, but the cultural society " PAM " of Kitzingen is preparing a documentary about those wild times from 1950 to 1980. Our exhibition will focus on the
" American way of life ", its music, and the influence it has had on our town.
If you were stationed in Kitzingen when it was known as " Little Las Vegas on the Main " you might be able to help us.

We're looking for photographs, film material, or other documents from those days.

If you could send us copies or scans it would be great for the exhibition. If any of your friends were also stationed in Kitzingen and would like to help, they can contact us by e-mail
haass@multiculture-artsnetwork.de .
Of special interest to us is the bar and club scene; inside, outside, the guests, the bands, or anything else you can think of. Any help would be appreciated. We're looking forward to your reply.

Best regards from Kitzingen,

KD. Christof

multiculture ARTSNETWORK
Renate Haass & KD. Christof
Mainstockheimer Str. 45
Tel / Fax 0049 (0)9321 8231
mail: Haass@multiculture-artsnetwork.de     www.multiculture-artsnetwork.info

back.jpg (5999 bytes)

Kitzingen Photos

I was in Kitzingen, Germany 1969-1971 with the 1/15 inf, HHC company, as a medic. Here are some photos someone may like to see. Also post cards purchased during that time. Most anyone there will remember Graf. and Wildflecken. Especially Graf in the winter.
George Stewart, Portage, IN
gstewart234 @comcast.net



3 BN 64 Armor  Co C

My name is Daniel Lewandowski. I served in 3/64 armor at Conn Barracks, Schweinfurt, West Germany. I am in possession of over 100 pictures that include the CATC 83 competition in which I was a participant. These pictures were taken and saved by SP4 John Cook. If not for him, we could only talk about Schweinfurt and the CATC 83. The picture of our "emblem" on the turret has him sitting next to it.
I would love to share these photos with other soldiers AND their families. I loved defending West Germany, and serving our country while I was in Europe.
Thank you
Daniel Lewandowski



Members of B Battery, 1st FA BN, 9th Artillery

Members of B Battery, 1st FA BN, 9th Artillery met in May for a reunion at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The individuals "Gyroscoped" to Germany in 1958 and were stationed at Kitzingen.
1st row: J. Fazio, J. McCorkle, E. Davis, J. Bowers
2nd row: O. Mueller, C. Jones, J. Warren, S. Langley
3rd row: J. Penley
Not pictured: J. Tetterton, J. Eller
If you have any questions please email me at VFazio1961@aol.com

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April 24, 2008


3rd Inf Div, 1958-61

I am, MSG Roman P Weber, USA retired.

I joined the 3rd Inf Div at Ft Benning early 1958.  3rd Div was one of the "Pentomic" Divisions. Pentomic Div had 5 Battle Groups.  In April 1958, 3rd Div went to Germany, "Operation Gyroscope" (gyroscope meant to career soldiers that you would ALWAYS return to the US from overseas to the same place (Benning in case of 3rd DIV).  Meaning that a career soldier could for once buy a house while still in the army.  Gyro didn't last long.
When we got to Germany, Div HQTRS I believe was at Wurzburg, but not certain.  I was in Co. B, 123 Sig Bn.  123 Hqtrs I know was Hindenburt Kaserne, Wurzburg.  I was on a Direct Support Platoon from 123d to two Inf Battle Groups at Bamberg.  The two BGs were:  1/15 INF (I think their unit crest said, "Can Do"; and the 2/4 INF.  The other 3 BGs were at:  one at Kitzigen; one at Schweinfurt; one at Auschaffenburg (don't remember BG numbers).  Kitzigen also had the Div AVN Maint Spt and HQ 703 Ord BN.  I was NCOIC (SP5) of DivSigMaint at Bamberg for 3 years.  We supported primarily 2/4 and 1/15 Inf.  Also a Sqdrn of 7th Cav which was a move-where=needed, providing armored support to 2/4 & 1/15 Inf if a live "RED" alert came in ("RED" meant the soviets were attacking from the east vs the many many "WHITE" practice alerts 3rd Div had (always "surprise" alerts, any day of week or hour of day.  Including like 0200 early Sunday mornings after troops out drinking all day etc.
Just thought that little bit of 1/15 history of interest to you maybe.  I agree as to readiness posture of the 3rd Div, at least during years (1958-1961) in Germany, was at all times, not only just before some inspection etc, combat ready.  We spent probably 50% of our time in the field, training (NATO, 7th Army, Division, BN, Company, and even down to Platoon in-field training.  Any minute of any day, 3rd Div was ready for war and well trained to perform.  Mission in 3rd Div, 58-61, Germany:  If soviets attacked we were to retreat to the west side of the Rhine River (150-guess-miles from Bamberg/Wurzburg and the 5 BGs).  Our Div mission was not to stop the soviets, but to delay their advance a couple of weeks while retreating to the Rhine giving the US time to bring in replacement infantry.  Estimate was that by the time the 3rd got to the Rhine, the Div would have been pretty well "sacrificed" and not much left of it.  We were all briefed re that often.



Harvey closed 3 years ago and Larson closed last year. I was at Harvey from 1/73 to 9/74. I don't know what years you were there so I don't know if you will recognize some of these pictures.

I was in HQ Co.1/15th Inf. 3rd Inf. Div stationed at Harvey Barracks from 1/73 to 9/74. I always wanted to go back and last week I along with my wife did. The place was sad to see. Harvey has been closed for the past 3 years. I was wrong about the closing date for Harvey. I wrote to the guy I met in Wurzburg. He was the military liaison with the Germans. He said Harvey Barracks, Larson Barracks, and the Airfield at Giebelstat all closed in Oct. 2006. Leighton is scheduled to be closed and returned to the German government during the Summer of 2008

There is a big fence going around the whole place with locked gates on the roads. We couldn't get in but was able to see a lot from the road. Including my barracks. There were weeds growing all over. It looked like a ghost town. Larson closed last year and is also a ghost town. We went up there and the only thing being used is the golf course (by the Germans). Next year they are closing Leighton in Wurzburg. They closed Rhine Mein AFB a couple of years ago and transferred everything to Ramstein.

We drove by Rhine Mein and saw them knocking down the barracks where I rotated through. You know the Gateway to Europe. I'm sure the Germans are happy to get all their land back but a lot of places that relied on the GI buck went out of business or changed to something else.
Bob Wiecezak

Harvey Barracks Post HQ looking through the fence.

Harvey Main Gate.

Harvey back gate.

My old barracks HQ Co. 1/15th Inf.

Benos Gusthaus
Across the road from Harvey
(Out of business)

Harvey Control Tower and Hangars 

Swimming Pool Kitzingen

Deutsches Haus in Kitzingen
(No longer a disco)

The Cave in Sulzfeld
(Out of business)

The leaning Tower of Kitzingen


Wings of the Marne!

I am very proud of my time in the Third! I have never served in a better trained, more motivated unit in my 23 years of service. You know what they say, there is no woman sweeter than your first. The Third was my first.
Greg Lee
B Co "Bandits"
13th AHB, "Seek, Strike, Destroy, Marne Vipers!"
3rd Infantry Division (Heavy Mech)

Grafgunnery -
The mighty 13th AHB readying for an awesome gunnery score.
We qualified as a battalion higher than any other AHB in the Army that day.

Bandits on Range

JVega -
This is my platoon sergeant
and the man that taught me how to be an NCO.

My Cobra -
This is 67-15477, my AH-1 and the first ship I crewed.

Home sweet Home -
This was the divisional ARTEP. We moved so much this FTX
we got tired of putting up and tearing down tents in the dark
so we improvised.

Took this at a gunnery at Graef.

Jake Berry - Jackson Percy Berry Jr.
My best friend and roommate, he lived in Lake City, FL

The is CWO James Reardon (sp) from
Boston MASS

Comstock and Owens


Pictures from Kitzingen

I am Roland Richter and I was working on Harvey Brks. For 30 Years. I may have some pictures that may be interesting for your site. I was working at Facilities Engineering Div. and hope we provided a good service to you all. Here are a view pictures, if you want more I would have to go through my pictures and scan them to send them to you.  The plaque on the memorial stone as you can see we’ve planted 2193 trees during the our so called Excellence Program.

Harvey Brks is going back to the German authorities at the end of March 2007. Marshall Height Housing Area is closed, it is like an empty town within Kitzingen. Larson I believe is also going back soon if it hasn’t already. Since 1 Jan 07 I am no longer employed with the US Army after 30 Years.

Best Regards,
Roland Richter

Picture with the fire ladder is in front of Bldg. 142 Harvey Brks. Previous 2nd BDE HQ at this time I believe and later DISCOM HQ. The memorial stone to the right of the fire ladder is called “Rocky” and I think it presented 2nd BD 3rd ID and “Rocky” was moved to the states with the units, should be somewhere on an US post. (If it is the statue of "Rocky" the Bulldog, it is in the Marne Gardens at Ft. Stewart, GA)

The memorial stone and it’s plaque was removed by order of the Commander, since it was violating some Army Reg.. Well it was a good idea of a civilian employee to place some memories for his/her departing Boss.

Picture show some of the Local Nationals employed with the US Army going to an annual outing riding on US Buses in the ’80.

The memorial stone and it’s plaque was removed by order of the Commander, since it was violating some Army Reg.. Well it was a good idea of a civilian employee to place some memories for his/her departing Boss. Picture shows the rear of Bldg. 142 and a tree planting action under the lead of LTC Beckworth, DPW.

Pictures are from the tree felling at Harvey Brks. Main Gate.


Picture shows the rear of Bldg. 141, the right part is the Military Police, in the center there are the garages for the MPs and the Commanding General in the older days. The left part is the local Firestation. The memorial stone was place due to a heavy tree planting action on Harvey and Larson, and Marshall Heights.

Harvey Dental Clinic

Clinic Parking

Harvey Engineering Division

Theater on Left-Clinic on Right

Soldier and Roland's Dad

US. Soldier with two locals

German American Friendship early 1950's

U.S. Army Bus- Wuertzburg

Larson Building 46 DISCOM HQ

Larson Tunnel, Building 6 & 9


These first two pictures are of the Schwanheim Training area, the next two are Three Cross Hill (Aschaffenburg) and the last is in front of 3rd Medical Bn.on Graves Kaserne, My last night in Aschaffenburg.In the training area you will notice an American Soldier sitting with an German Soldier, we were training with them at the time.   JD Fagan

 back.jpg (5999 bytes)

Click on photos for larger image

These photos were taken around 1969-1970 at Graf . I was with A Co. 10th Engineers at the time as we were field support for the 64th Armor Division. Here are more photos, but the left top one hit home. I thought who ever was a member of Browns Renegades, they might want this photo.
 Leo Santogrossi    ldsantogrossi@comcast.net
1st Plt. A Co. 10th Combat Engineers Bat. 3rd Inf. Div Conn Barracks Schwienfurt Germany 1968-1970


My name is Dave Matteson and I am a Former 3ID Soldier ( 82-84 ) and was with Charlie Company 1/15th INF.

Click on photo or the following link to see Dave's webpage. 

Thanks for what you do for the 3ID. I have to admit that of all the units I had been a member of the 3ID was the only one I felt truly a part of. It was home even after I left Germany. I wish I had extended. I will always be a Dog Faced Soldier!!
Dave Matteson
Huntsville Alabama

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This is Frank R. Pizzo Bamberg (May 58 thru Oct 59). As I surf your peacetime site I see more and faces that I recognize, its spooky, maybe I am just getting old. pizzoo@gmail.com


703rd Maint. BN. Kitzingen Germany Photos

Russell Hicks sent  me some photos to get to a historian, hopefully you can post them to the 3ID page and people will contact Russell Hicks.

LTC Tim O'Neil
Reserve Recruiting Communications

From: Russell Hicks

I came across this web page consisting of units of the 3ID at Larson and Harvey Barracks as well as others. I was a Specialist 4th Class on staff with the 703rd Maintenance Battalion in the S-2 section as a Draftsman and Photographer July 1975 to July 78. I have in my possession a few very early original photos of some of the bases going back to the early sixties and even before. They were given to me by my OIC. I have attempted to contact the current Battalion Commander of the 703rd currently stationed at Ft. Stewart GA. With no success, if you have any ideas how I could give these pictures to the command for its unit history I would be happy to do so. I have included a few pictures I took in 1976 and a group picture of us from the S-2 Section at that time, I was 18 years old.
One note, the picture of the jeep wrecked happened during one of our FTX it is B&W, but as GI’s will do this vehicle was stripped for parts and painted various colors such as pink, purple and so on.

I only had the ability to take B&W pictures at that time.

Russell E. Hicks, II
1032 Archer Road
Max Meadows, VA 24360
PH: (276) 637-3571
Email: hicks@naxs.com

A CO-703rd-180rds 75mm near Bamburg SVC Recovery Nov. 1976

703rd Motor Pool Wrecked Jeep Dec. 1976 703rd Motor Pool Area  Dec. 17, 1976

3rd ID Memorial, Chateau Thierry, France 703rd Motor Pool Area  Dec. 17, 1976

Rigging Class 703rd- 1976 (L-R) PFC RE Hicks, SSG Brewer, 2LT Malone,
CPT R.C. Dempsey (BN HQ S-2) Nov. 1976


I was searching on line for information on where I was stationed with 3ID in the 1970's and I found this great link of photos of the barracks and things.  I think you could add these to our site (unless you already have it there).  There may be others like Wuezburg, Shwienfurt etc.
Thanks for your great work!
LTC Tim O'Neil
Reserve Recruiting Communications


I was with the 703rd Maintenance Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division, from 1983 to 1984. While stationed at Fiori Barracks in Aschaffenburg and Larson Barracks in Kitzingen, I met a couple of these guys. We certainly shared a lot of laughs and a lot of good times. We were together at Larson Barracks for a Battalion Ceremony.  Phil DeRuntz ghost.g.dog@gmail.com

The first is John Frick. This must be at the time of another 3:30am ALERT. The group photo consists of Art Garcia and Kevin Mitchell as well as Kevin Falvey.


I was with the 15th Inf., 1BN, "C" Comp., 3rd Pl. from 10/1961 to 4/1964.  First I was stationed in Bamberg and later in Bad Kitzingen (or was it Schweinfurt - you may have the station listing).  The attached photographs are of a 3rd Division parade (various units) and open house in either Bamberg or Kitzingen(?) in '63 or '64 (my memory leaves much to be desired).  I thought you may want them for your website which I thoroughly enjoy by the way.
Wally de Jongh
PS    Bill Todd might be interested in the DH "Otter" airplane as mentioned in his request # 425 (1/9/2001).


Ronn Pirrelli



Photos Courtesy of Andrew Sloss
1st How Bn, 10th Arty


HQ-Battery, 3rd Infantry Div Arty-Larson Barracks 1970

HQ and HQ Battery-Larson Barracks 1970

HQ Building-Larson Barracks 1870

3/76- Larson Barracks 1970

Service Club and HQ (rear view)
Photos courtesy of Bill Henry, Dyersburg TN


3BN 67ADA-1989

I really like the web site I've spent hours browsing and I decided to send these pics of what Larson Barracks looked like in 1989. Ever wonder how everyone got their names on their headbands. I just loved being a private.
Thanks again
Richard Cooper


Mortar Battery 1st BG 15th Inf. 3d Inf. Division

These photos were taken at Ft. Benning in January 1958. They are of the First Platoon and the Detail Platoon. The Detail Platoon Sergeant, Claude Rickett recently celebrated
his 80th birthday and is still active in our Mortar Battery veterans group.
We have approximately 65 members. Our Battery clerk Don Wilcox gets out at least 2 newsletters a year and we have had bi-yearly reunions at Ft Benning since 1998.
Bill Birney

This picture is from Basic Training, Fort Benning
Oct. 1957 to May 1958 before we were shipped
to Bamberg, Germany

Some of these men in this picture I recognized
in one of your photos on your website,
the Audie Murphy Monument at Holtzwihr.
the picture of nine soldiers (0000holtz00.jpg).
Can you tell me anything about this picture?
Where did it come from? etc

Frank R. Pizzo
Company "C", 4 Platoon
1st Battle Group 15th Infantry
3rd Division
Bamberg, Germany
May 1958 to Oct. 1959

back.jpg (5999 bytes)

I was in HHD 4th Support Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division at Larson Barracks in Kitzingen, Germany-1985-1986. Here are some photos of the kaserne. Kevin Knutson


Photos of Headquarters of 4th Brigade, 3ID Kaserne, Germany

My name is Martin, I'm from Aschaffenburg, Germany. I made some pictures of ready Kaserne as it is today. I send them to you maybe you like to use them!
Cheers, Martin

This is some of 3rd Platoon B Troop 3rd Squadron 4th Cavalry at Grafenwoer, West Germany.

This is some of 3rd Platoon B Troop 3rd Squadron 4th Cavalry at Grafenwoer, West Germany.

This is Bravo Troop 4th Squadron 4th Cavalry. After REFORGER 1988.
Contributed by  Jim Warner JIWARNER@aol.com


Staff Sgt. Jimmy Caldwell plays the part of the U.S. Army's most-decorated soldier in a ceremony Tuesday, May 16, 2000, unveiling the Postal Service's Audie Murphy stamp.
01fldartill copy.jpg (84106 bytes)


I served in 3rd Infantry Division 3/67 Air Defense Artillery Battalion from 84-87 at Larson Barracks in Kitzingen, West Germany. I served in Delta Battery (the largest and only exclusive Chaparral battery in the world) until it was deemed an untamable logistical monster and the Chaparrals were split between Delta and Charlie Batteries and intermixed with Stinger crews. I then served with Charlie Battery 2ndPlatoon. It was one of the most unforgettable post's of my Army career. Doug Simon
01mixed 3rd Infantry armor and air defense rally at close of reforger  1986.jpg (69108 bytes)

013-67_ADA_soldiers_wait at a rail head_1985 West Germany.jpg (48960 bytes)



01proof a dog face soldier can sleep anywhere.jpg (39943 bytes)
01chaparral squad.jpg (42545 bytes)

Harvey Barracks 1971 to 1973
Photos from Chris Lawy


Photos from Chris Lawy
3rd Aviation Bn. Kitzingen Germany,
Harvey Barracks 1971 to 1973

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