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3rd Infantry Division, 3rd Signal Company
Photo Crew

T/3 John D. Cole
T/5 Howard B. Nickelson
T/4 William Heller
Pfc. Robert S. Seesock 
T/5 William J. Toomey


Bill and Cigar (17712 bytes)
Bill in familiar pose, with his ever present stogie.
Bill and Jack Benny-bh184a1.jpg (19970 bytes)

Jack Benny, accepting a cigar from Bill before one of Benny's USO shows.



Bill Toomey, Bill Heller, Bobby Seesock
1945 Kodachrome


Bill with Jeep-1bh00024a.jpg (33584 bytes)

At Villamfroy, the division photographers camp at a church with their lab truck and their trailer named "Fuzzy's Folly".
Photo courtesy of Denis Toomey

Bill going on assignment.
One of those lucky days where Bill doesn't have to slog through the mud, and gets to ride in a jeep. 


Assigned to Bad Wildungen, Germany in July, 1945, photographers Bill Toomey, Bill Heller and Bobby Seesock pose for a peacetime photo.
Photo courtesy of Denis Toomey

The Army built a baseball diamond in Salzburg, Austria and photographers Bill Heller and Bill Toomey of the 15th Regiment dropped by.
Photo courtesy of Denis Toomey


0001ToomeyHeller photosa.jpg

Photographer's John Cole and Bill Heller pose with the tools of their trade on a warm September day in Faucogney, France.
Photo courtesy of Denis Toomey

Two Bills-No Waiting!
Bill Heller & Bill Toomey


Photo crew playing cards-bh135b.jpg (28235 bytes)

Members of the 3rd Signal Company... in action!
October 30, 1944

"The poker game was staged. One of the men found a suitcase full of francs...
so they put the table, bottles, set the whole scene-then took pix...
" says Howard Nickelson

Jack Cole, Bill Heller, Bill Toomey, Bob Seesock.

Photo was taken near Zweibrucken, Germany
after the 15th Infantry pushed through the Seigfried line.

0001ToomeyHeller photo3b.jpg

Photo courtesy of Denis Toomey
Christmas in Ribeauville, France 1944
0001ToomeyHeller photo3b.jpg

Third Division photographers Bill "Pop" Heller, Bobby Seesock, Bill Toomey, John Cole and Howard Nickelson (l-r) spend Christmas in decent surroundings in Ribeauville.

Crowning their Ribeauville tree, Third Division photographers pass Christmas 1944 facing the German army still entrenched in the Colmar Pocket. 

Photo courtesy of Denis Toomey


0001ToomeyHeller photo2b.jpg

Bill Toomey  in the photo office at Bad Wildungen, Germany
(Disregard classic vintage photo-art on the walls!)

d o g f a c e s o l d i e r s
A photographic journey of the Third Signal Co. of the 15th Regiment
of the U.S. Third Infantry Division in WWII
by Denis Toomey


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Thanks to Tricia Joyce, Bill Toomey's daughter, for some of these great photos.
Click on smaller outlined photos to see larger images.

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