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Tanks for the Memories

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756th Tank Battalion Tank 
passing French Staff Car

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American M-10 Tanks lined up in France


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German Panzer IV Tank knocked out May 1944, France. 
Description by Douglas Holliday.)

As anyone who watched the Discovery Channel's program "Weapons of War" knows, the Germans had the better tanks. The Panzer Tanks had thicker armor and larger guns. The American Sherman Tank was faster and more maneuverable, thereby making the advantage less of a problem than it would first appear.

Thanks to Lt. Col. Donald Horton USAFR (Ret.) and Daniel J. Egan for the correct designations of the weapons and vehicles on these pages.


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Priest Gun Carrier crossing Vulturno River-Italy 1943

A new M36 Tank Destroyer, designed for assaulting German Tiger and Panther tanks, along with hundreds of replacements joined the battered American Third Division at Pont a Mousson, France between the division's heroic sacrifices in the Colmar Pocket and its crossing into Germany. In its 188 days of battle in France, the Third Division suffered 4,500 casualties.
Photo courtesy of Denis Toomey www.dogfacesoldiers.org

American soldiers inspect a captured German Sonderkraftfahrzeuge (special vehicle) half-track in Strasbourg. As Christmas 1944 approached, The Third Division was ordered to leave Strasbourg to move south along the eastern edge of the Vosges Mountains towards Colmar.
Photo courtesy of Denis Toomey www.dogfacesoldiers.org


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