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Weapons of War - II

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Bazooka Team, Colmar France.
The Bazooka didn't have a long range, but was deadly in short-range situations.


Assault boats of the 10th Engineers patrol the Kleiner Rhine in Strasbourg.
Photo courtesy of Denis Toomey www.dogfacesoldiers.org


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Gun emplacement with 50 cal. Heavy Machine Gun in France. The 50 was guarding the the business end of an 8" Howitzer in the background. 
Thanks to Delbert H. Ballengee
Technician 4th Grade
HQ Battery, 270th FA Bn Third Army, XX Corps, 12th Artillery Group FDC Instrument Operator (MOS 645) Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland campaigns for the correct info.


bh154a copy.jpg


Ostheim, France-Dead German with "Burp Gun" according to note on the back of this photo.  This assault gun is very similar to most of the modern assault rifles in use to this day.

The correct name is SturmGewehr '43, which means Attack Rifle, model (19)43. This was one of the innovated weapons, along with the "Fallschirmjagergewehr" which was an automatic rifle specially designed for Paratroopers (Parachutistgun). Once again the German's got there first with it. Only very limited numbers were produced so it's not that well known anyway, not  officially a "Burp" gun.

Thanks to Rob Plas for this description.

Capt." Dutch" Schultz recounted to me that GI's in their quest for souvenirs, would pick up the "Burp" guns. They never used them while out on patrol, because of the distinctive sound of the gun. 
They didn't want their own men to shoot back at them!


1942 Lockheed P-38 Ad-adlockh.jpg (16624 bytes)
Ad from Look Magazine, Oct. 6,1942,
for Lockheed Aircraft Company's P-38 Lightning interceptor fighter.


bh161a_ copy.jpg

Messerschmitt Me 262, German Jet, knocked out of action. This was the first truly operational jet fighter used in World War 2. Had Hitler listened to his Generals, this jet might have lengthened the war by several years. The USAAF had only the propeller driven P-38 Lightning and P-47 Thunderbolt which were 120mph slower than this Jet. The Allies jet fighter program was still in its infancy, and only prototypes were being tested.
(Description courtesy of Arsenal of Dictatorship)


bh123a copy.jpg
Howitzers of the 9th FA Battalion send death hurtling thru the air,
at the enemy in France's Vosges Mountains near Les Rouges Eaux-November 1944


bh149aa copy.jpg
American 4.2 Mortar Crew firing on German positions, at Ostheim, France.
That sure is one large shell!


bh0012a copy.jpg

Swedish designed Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft gun, used by allies near St. Marie, France-1944. The Allies used several European designed armaments during the war, until US industry came online. The caption on the back of this photo describes this gun as a French 90).


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